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My support system

Today I had once again another panic attack. I'm getting a little better at recognizing and taking the steps I need to distract and help recover. This is a photo of my support. My dog, Emma, is always by my side knowing what I need. Today could have been worse. Most of the time the panic attacks sent me to the hospital because it makes me physically sick just as it did today but today I didn't feel the need to continuously vomit. I made it through! I can say I got this. I'm so thankful for my support via furry pal and my human form. I didn't know where to post this but I felt this was the right place.

#Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #PanicAttacks

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One tough puppy 🐶 💪

shelly my very special dog had a vet visit today. She needed her teeth cleaned and was put under anesthesia. She is home and healthy but way out of it and way mad at humans. Send her some love, she is always by my side on bad days. So tonight I will be by her side. #Puppylove

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Sunday morning rain is falling...#Puppylove #feelgood

Happy Sunday, thankful for the rain and waking up to another day. Small victories and gratitude. #socialcompanion #snugglesandcuddles #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #ChildAbuse #Comfort #Gratitude

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My new fur baby #Furbaby #Puppylove #dog

I happened to adopt this little beauty just before lockdown started - so my son and I have spent the last 10 weeks getting to know her and making her part of our little family.

I never thought having a dog of my own (my parents have a cockerpoo 3 months older than my puppy) would be the thing that made my family feel complete as due to my adrenal insufficiency, I cant have any more kids (plus lack of a man lol). I have a 10 year old son and an 8 year old black cat called Flo and this little beauty is Luna and she is a pomapoo (Pomeranian/toy poodle crossbreed). She is now 20 weeks old and is a right little handful!

The last thing I ever expected was for her to be able to sense an impending adrenal crisis - she has saved my life more times than I care to admit. I have never been so grateful for doggy kisses before!

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Morning Giggles Anyone #laughterisgoodmedicine #Giggles #Pepper

Good Morning

I was woken up rather rudely at about sunrise this Morning by my lovely pup Pepper.

Who for reasons unknown, he won't tell me.
Decided to roll over in bed. Seems fair enough there you say.
But he ran out of bed you see.
Hits door BANG BANG
Runs round to my side of the bed. Tap tap tap on the side of bed. A signal to me to say 'please pick me up'

A king size bed for 1 hooman 2 ickle dogs 1 cat. The other cat sleeps on her bed. 😴
And he rolls out of bed 😅😅😅😅 dont tell him I told you guys.
He may never forgive me ❤🤗😘💗🐕🐶🐾🐾🐾🛌

Happy funny mornings.
Go to love Mornings that start like this 💗
Oh boy it made me giggle which made me smile. 😁😀😆 #Puppylove #bed #Moveover #AndthelittleOnesaid #funnyMornings #Bekind #Love #Hugs #loveyourselves #Kindness #checkonyourneighbours #MightyTogether #NeverAlone

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What is on Your Mind #CheckInWithMe #Chatspace

So what is on your Mind?

This is Chat Space and wondered what you guys and gals wanted to chat about.

How are you doing,
Tell me what is going on with you?
This is your space and it seems so quiet. ..............

Is everyone fed up? Or are you all happy?
Tj ❤💞🤤🙃😁💪🤗🥰😎🦄💝🥀🤔😎 #Love #Hugs #peace #Positivity #Rantaway #Chat #Talk #Loveyourselffirst #LivingWithYourself #checkonyourneighbours #stayhome #TrigeminalNeuralgia #Puppylove #NeverAlone #mightyfriends

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#Happiness #Puppylove

Once upon a time there was a little puppy boy named Maynard. He is the color of sand and snow; he has a peppering of freckles right above his puppy button nose. His eyes are big, bright, dark amber with a shiny coal center. His front toes turn out and his back are quite short; but he can run like the wind with those itty bitty legs of his. His floppy, large ears stand cockeyed upon his head; and they flop when he flounces and pounces. His waggy tail is capped with a tiny poof of fluff. He wears a collar of crimson and an occasional sweater. He has many a toy to bite, tug, and fetch. He enjoys gourmet puppy meals, fresh cool water, and all the treats. You can often find him buried under the blankets at the foot of the bed; or soaking in the sunshine on the patio. Most of all you can find him wherever his people are; he never strays far from them.

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Always by my side, my angel baby, Lil Beezy

#Pets #Puppylove #esa My #rideordie #BestFriends She loves me no matter what and that means everything. When I’m in too much pain to get out of bed or go anywhere I still have my Lil Beezy to cuddle up with me. Seriously I’m so grateful to have her. I’m also so grateful that I have parents who are allowing me and Lil Beezy to stay with them because I can’t take care of her by myself anymore. I feel so guilty much of the time because pre-injury this dog and I lived active lives. I’m talking daily hikes in #runyoncanyon or #griffithpark . Now I keep telling her I owe her hundreds of walks.. and she gives me a reason to keep trying and pushing forward so that I might someday be able to fulfill that promise. For now she has a big yard to run around in safely off leash at my parents house and tho I still feel guilty for not being as active of a #dogmom as I was before, she doesn’t seem to hold it against me. she still looks up to me and loves me unconditionally. And that’s a lot more than I can say now for many of my human friends. Animals are so precious. If you have one in ur life, u know what I mean! I always appreciated her love, but I feel like I appreciate her loyalty and company tenfold now that I have been diagnosed with the cruelly painful #CRPS #ChronicPain My heart goes out to anyone of you nighties out there who are unable to care for your animal loved one anymore and don’t have anyone to help. it would be devastating to me if I had to give her up because of my current disability. If any of you are in this position my advice is to do whatever you can to keep you pet with you as long as their needs r still able to be met. because they love you and would rather be with a disabled you, than an able-bodies someone else. 💓💓💓

I hope her cute picture cheered someone up today as she does for me! ✌️ ❤️ & hope to all my fellow #mightywarriors

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puppy sitting today my sons sausage dog #MightyPets

So today I have 3 pups to keep me company and to look after. mmm.
should be fun full of laughter and giggles as well as lots of trips outside as well as the odd accident maybe as Salami is only 12 months old. Yes I know . Salami 🐶is a sausage 🐕 dog called Salami🌭. I wanted him called peparami, but was voted out 😂😂
so give me a thought today as I wrestle with 3 pups all wanting the sofa at the same time as I do, the same blanket or the chair, or the mess I might come back too. when I pop to shop🤯🤯🤯💩💩

#MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #RareDisease #PsoriaticArthritis #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #SphincterOfOddiDysfunction #Anxiety #PanicAttack #EmotionalSupportDogs #Puppylove #lovingmyself #HSP