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    Frustrated and getting desperate #esa #Bipolar #assist living

    I am a bipolar. Mostly a manic. I live in assisted living in IL. I have a letter stating I should have an ESA (emotional support animal). The place I live refuses to even consider it. It is against their pet policy. I reminded them this isn’t a pet but a psychological tool. Still no. I’ve gotten a hold with my ombudsman, HUD they all say this is illegal and against my human rights. I guess they don’t mind a hefty fine. I don’t at the end of my rope. I like where I live. But I cannot keep holding on much longer.

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    Emotional Support Animal Financial Assistance On Disability? #

    Hi all! This is my first post and I wanted to see if there are any provisions for people on disability for mental health to get financial help with an ESA/PSA

    Anyone know of any programs or grants?

    Someone suggested starting a gofundme but that's kinda an uncomfortable thought.

    #esa #EmotionalSupportAnimal

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    My ESA Bulldog Bruce

    This is my baby, Bruce. When my sweet bulldog Dunkin died at age 13, it sent me into a spiral of depression and fibro flare. My husband saved up and surprised me with this beautiful boy! We both have anxiety issues, my health problems prevent me from having human children, so he is our baby! He helps calm us so we have the strength to support each other. #esa

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    A reason to keep going

    I recently invested in getting myself a puppy, within a couple months my life changed dramatically. I lost jobs, friends, a home, and the love of my life. I felt I had no reason to keep going. I felt empty. A shell of a human with nothing left to give. Waking up has been so hard for me and I’ve been battling #suicidal thoughts. But this pup has given me life, a reason to wake up and get out.
    I know some might see this as filling a hole but she is the one thing that will never turn her back on me, despite everyone else. Dogs are better than humans anyways 😊

    #Trauma #PTSD #Dogs #esa #Caregiving #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #EmotionalSupportAnimal


    Furry Fury

    How do others release all their pent up anger? I just went from Zero to Boiling in the time it took to realize one of my dogs went under my bed covers and peed. Busted! Usually I don’t catch any incidents and left to wonder which one is the guilty. The bitch! I just offered both dogs to go outside, there was no reason for this unacceptable behavior. When it comes to my two #esa they are family. So, it only horrified me when I want to see them fall off the face of the earth in that same desperate nanosecond when my anger shoots skyward. Such shame for me to love then hate on the turn of a dime.
    Now doing laundry on the night shift. I spewed out some hateful things, carefully put both dogs outside for a timeout and decided neither are allowed in my bedroom anymore. Whine all you want. I wish my feelings didn’t turn from Fluff to Furry in a heartbeat. It scares me when I feel such deep hatred, I know it’s mostly tied to past dog traumas. Who would think dogs could bring trauma? Will save those stories for another time.
    The magic is in releasing. I feel better, no one has to see this or like it or reply, I just needed to confess my heart and now I am not as burdened. #feelings #anger #CPTSD


    New Diagnosis💙💔🧠💥🛌🏼

    I was just diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia this past Wednesday; 3 out of 100,000 people dx yearly. Anyway, I'm having a hard time coping with this news. I don't want to be in pain the rest of my life. I'm so tired of being "sick" all the time. I hate having to cancel things that I love to do because I'm having a flare up or because my fatigue is through the roof. So I was just wondering if anyone had any coping tips and pain relief ideas too!

    #esa Cat

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    My canine daughters

    These are my two unofficial emotional support animals (although it's official in this house!) They're spoiled rotten!
    #esa #furbabies #Pets #Dogs #Animals

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    Probably the best ESA ever #esa #dog #bestfriend

    This little guy helps me handle life every single day ❤️

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    How about this face?

    This is Galaxy. She is my Emotional Support Animal. She is part Pit Bull and part Husky (a “Pitsky”). She is my saving grace. If it wasn’t for her, I’d be in bed all day. I love her so much! #esa #dog #pitsky #Love