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Monday, Monday!

Just thinking of y’all. I know Monday’s can feel like a delicious fresh start. But, I also know it can fill us with dread and doom.

I just wanted to say I’m proud as heck of all of you for making it through the night and having the courage to keep moving this morning.

We have eachother and we have the best gallows humor around! And that’s gotta count for something, right!? :)

#monday #rideordie #WeCanDoIt #Dream #tinysteps #Rise #Hope #OneMoreDay


I feel differently!

Yesterday I had a day of poor choices: I essentially gave up control of my mind and body to the cravings and desires stirred in me by junk food. I told myself it would be a one day event and then I could get back to strict control of myself.
My biggest challenge was not purging. I managed that but I think mostly because I was careful to not be alone for long enough to do anything. I'm calling that a win.
But it has left me feeling different: nothing too noticeable just a feeling like I've succeeded in one thing. A feeling that maybe if I can do that I can regain control.
Don't get me wrong, I didn't maintain perfect control today, I ate some marshmallows, a few rich tea biscuits and overate at tea. But not hugely, and not enough to make me regret it.
I managed to stop my self just enough that I have no actual regrets from today.
I'm proud of myself. And it's such a rare feeling that I didn't know the words for how I've been feeling until 30 seconds ago when they flowed from my fingers!
I want to feel proud again tomorrow night, although I would like to go to bed tomorrow night and not let my depression win that battle, but that's a fight for tomorrow. For now I am proud to have had some control over my eating today! #Gettingthere #smallsteps #tinysteps #EatingDisorders

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