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Everything hurts (Borderline & Constant Emotional Pain)

Feeling defeated and hopeless with BPD. The obsessions and emotional pain just keeps getting worse. I just came out of a 12 week IOP for Borderline and Emotional Regulation AND a 5 day hospitalization. I don’t know how to survive this pain, especially when I think I’m being gaslighted by the person I love and want support from more than anyone. I know the skills. I know what I’m supposed to do. Still, the pain is SO INTENSE and honestly unbearable. I’m unable to be a mom, partner, daughter, employee. What gives you hope to being able to overcome the overwhelming pain when your symptoms are high? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #SadGhostClub

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Is anyone else scared to discuss your depression/Anxiety with the one you love ?

I’m scared to discuss my problems with People I love , cause I know they will look at me like I’m a delicate flower . I know they will always be there to help me . But discussing things like depression or anxiety just seems like it’s to much . . . How do you admit something like that .? #SadGhostClub #needhelp



How can anyone understand my pain if many haven’t walked a mile in my shoes let alone 41 yrs of dual lifestyles. #pstd


My day

Today I woke up and struggled to find the energy to open my eyes and take that step out of bed. During class I was so stressed because I thought my best friend hated me and now everything is just terrible and I just wanna sleep and never wake up. I’m so done with life #Depression #Selfharm #SadGhostClub #Anxiety