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What's your experience stopping antidepressants? #prozac #Depression #Fluoxetine

Hey, I've been in a good place lately and I've been thinking about quitting my #Antidepressants
I'm pretty sure I'm having some side effects to the medication and I've been thinking about quitting for 4 years. I'm just scared to try. The what ifs and all.
If you have any experience in quitting to take antidepressants, please share! Or any info at all about it

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Personality Change #prozac #Depression #Anxiety

I’m afraid to start Prozac as I don’t want my personality to change. I know me. I just would like to take the edge off som recent over the top mental concerns.

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Side Effects of Medication

<p>Side Effects of Medication</p>
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Choose Joy

<p>Choose Joy</p>
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Invitation to a Brand New Community

<p>Invitation to a Brand New Community</p>
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What it feels to stop taking prozac #prozac

I’ve been taking prozac for about 3,5 months, and it feels great, the anxiety, intrusive thoughts, overthinking, insomnia happened less than before. But I’m scared that when I stop the medication it will come back. I’m scared that I’m getting better is only because I’m taking the medicine now and when I stop, it will come back #Anxiety #Depression #overthinking

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Community Voices

Prozac questions

I’ve been taking #prozac for a couple of weeks now and if anything I feel more empty and emotionless than before. I’ve also been on escotalapram in past for anxiety but wasn’t feeling 100% on that either
Anyone else have similar experiences with meds? What should I do?

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Some Positive Changes

I think this might be the best I've felt in a couple of years. It's still winter, I still have #SeasonalDepression but I got me a handy new sun lamp and am taking medication again for depression. Never thought I needed it so bad. I'm even talking vitamin D. I'm not on the verge of tears and I don't feel despair, at least for now. I don't normally feel not-sad. It's weird. Sorry, just wanted to ramble about unfamiliar feelings. #Depression #prozac

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I need some encouraging words

I’m on day 5 of taking medication (Prozac) for the first time. My anxious levels have gone down but I’m experiencing some side effects. I have diarrhea, lack of appetite, and can’t sleep! I haven’t been eating well and I need to sleep but can’t. I’m afraid this is going to make me feel worse and cause major problems. Someone please share some advice or words of encouragement. Thank you❤️ #Advice #Anxiety #prozac

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