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Preanticipatory Grief

Have you ever felt #Grief before the person who is terminally ill has passed away? I know that it will happen, but I also know that my brain is unable to really focus. Since I am on #prozac it makes it difficult for some internal emotions to be displayed.

I am feeling #sad and feeling a sense of #Loss without actually experiencing it yet. I think that it is because my Aunt is very ill and should make it through the holidays if we are blessed enough for that. I am #scared because I know what it is like to lose a parent as I lost my Dad last year to #Cancer and it hurts like crazy.

It is also #horrible when you #Lose a job because you called out so many times. It is not a good feeling at all whatsoever. That is grief as well. I am struggling and I really would like a #friend .

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Bp2 #bp2

I’m doing pretty good
I’ve been treated for depression for about twenty years but recently was diagnosed with bp2
I’ve taken mood and depression meds for a couple of years now and am feeling better #bp2 #BipolarDisorder #Depression #vrylar #prozac

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I am on prozac because of my depression but now my therapist tells me I might be bipolar and I need to change meds.
Prozac makes me my body shake, it used to help but not anymore and I am scared of trying new meds.
Out of curiosity is their anything that could just make me numb? Because I miss that feeling. Being numb made me better in a sense. Feeling too much just makes me overwhelmed and that makes me feel easily get triggered.
#prozac #numb #Depression #Bipola



#wellbutrin #prozac


I just wanted to ask, has a prozac and wellbutrin combo worked well for anyone?

Right now I'm on 40mg of prozac and on Friday my psychiatrist is going to add on wellbutrin to the combo.

Prozac lately hasn't done anything for me, so I'm wondering if adding this will actually work. I've tried 3 different depression meds before this with no luck.



What's your experience stopping antidepressants? #prozac #Depression #Fluoxetine

Hey, I've been in a good place lately and I've been thinking about quitting my #Antidepressants
I'm pretty sure I'm having some side effects to the medication and I've been thinking about quitting for 4 years. I'm just scared to try. The what ifs and all.
If you have any experience in quitting to take antidepressants, please share! Or any info at all about it


Personality Change #prozac #Depression #Anxiety

I’m afraid to start Prozac as I don’t want my personality to change. I know me. I just would like to take the edge off som recent over the top mental concerns.

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Side Effects of Medication

Have you experienced side effects of your psychiatric #Medicine ? I sure have. Currently I experience brain fog, tiredness, cognitive sluggishness, hand tremors and restless legs. Each time I go to lay down or rest, my legs feel creepy crawlers and I feel this strong urge to move them. I also noticed lately that my appetite has been screwed up. Have you ever taken #prozac before? It is very interesting to me.

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Choose Joy

I had a wonderful time visiting #WaltDisneyWorld here in #Florida . I know how busy it can be visiting central Florida theme parks. Especially since I work in a #themepark It kind of wears you down. However, lately I have felt a bit of a buzz of energy. I don't know if it is the #Holidayseason or if it is #Hypomania .. but is welcomed.

I do feel stronger lately, despite having some serious #PMDD concerns. Prozac medicine makes you feel like you have some kind of a band-aid on whatever emotion you are feeling. It is so weird that I do not know entirely how to best describe it in words.

Have you ever taken #prozac before? If you have, let me know what it makes you feel.

Do you have any plans for this #Holidayseason ? If so, what are they?

I am really looking forward to whoever reads this and replies. ♡

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Invitation to a Brand New Community

Hey guys! If you are like me, living with depression, you know there is a stigma. Join me to End it! I am the leader of a brand new community called: End the Stigma. And that's what we are going to do TOGETHER.

Join us here End The Stigma

#Depression #EndTheStigma #Therapy #Antidepressant #MentalHealth #Parenting #Disability #Lexapro #prozac #Viibryd #CognitiveBehaviorTherapy #PostpartumDisorders

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