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Unmedicated and trying to cope

Writing in this safe space to vent. I work 2 jobs as a nurse, between me and my partner we have 7 children, I lost my insurance due to a big move almost 1000 miles away and it is unclear when I will be able to get reestablised with a therapist and a psychiatrist to start medication again. I am going without meds and I just feel like I am losing myself. What are some tips the people who don’t need meds could give a struggling person like me?
#BipolarDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #sasurvivor #PTSD #Nurse #BulimiaNervosa

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Survivor & advocate here 💜

Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. My name is Jen. I struggle with my mental health daily. My most recent trauma has me self isolated and scared to even leave my house to start working again. I’m trying to get better every day and I’m struggling. I’m finding support on apps like this and I would appreciate any advice from the community. I’m also here for anyone who needs a friend. 💚💜⚓️ #PTSD #sasurvivor #SexualAssault #MentalHealth #mentalhealthadvocate #Nurse #Therapy #Healing #ProjectSemicolon


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