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Survivor & advocate here 💜

Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. My name is Jen. I struggle with my mental health daily. My most recent trauma has me self isolated and scared to even leave my house to start working again. I’m trying to get better every day and I’m struggling. I’m finding support on apps like this and I would appreciate any advice from the community. I’m also here for anyone who needs a friend. 💚💜⚓️ #PTSD #sasurvivor #SexualAssault #MentalHealth #mentalhealthadvocate #Nurse #Therapy #Healing #ProjectSemicolon


You’ll find a community that has your back on The Mighty, no matter what health situation you’re going through. We talk about what health is really like — mental health, chronic illness, disability, rare disease, cancer, and much more.
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First Tattoo

Yesterday I got my very first tattoo. So happy with how it has turned out.

Design started with butterfly as it was what I would draw on myself to help with self harm urges.

From there added the semi colon for when author decides to continue sentence instead of it end it (project semicolon). Last summer I was hospitalized against my will for suicidal thoughts. And so glad I had friends to walk through me with it.

Then butterfly design itself is based of Pokémon vivillon. Because Pokémon was a way to connect with some friends afterwards that helped give me something to do. And picked elegant form because one I love purple and two the word speaks to me and what I want to be.

#Selfharm #Tattoo #Suicide #ProjectSemicolon #semicolon #MentalHealth #Depression

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To get a tattoo or not

I have contemplated getting a tattoo for a year or so now. But I wanted to wait till o was self harm free. Sadly I broke that early this year once, so plan was to wait again. But even so I feel more drawn to doing it now. I think while I did self harm this most mental stability I have had. I regret self harming, happier than ever, and have not thought of committing suicide in almost a year. Over last bit I have thought about what I would want as permanent to describe my story. And I came up with a version of the semicolon and butterfly with tie into some of my favorite things flowers and pokemon.

I am nervous about getting something so permanent, but everytime I think about it I smile. I think of the reminder to myself of how strong I am. I think of the story it can tell to someone and the story I can tell them of continuing to fight.

#Anxiety #Tattoos #SemicolonTattoo #ProjectSemicolon #Selfharm

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My healing tattoo #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

I got this tattoo on 3 December of this year. I decided get this tattoo to stop self-harm and improve my recovery. I put this tattoo in the arm I started hurting in 2019 when I start self-harm. The tattoo is red like a wound. The loto flower represents my body which improve after sexual abuse and years of dissociation (I can't feel sexual pleasure for years and I was anorgasmic, because my vagina was dissociate and I can't feel anything). Loto flower grow in the mud (which represents the sensation of dirt I feel in my body and still feel it) but it's a beautiful flower who represents purity. The point and coma represents my battle against self-harm and my 2019 when I've been passed 7 months being chronically actively suicidal and mainly 15 April, the day when I decided took my life, but finally I don't. Now I'm here. My battle against BPD and trauma hasn't finished yet, but I can do it. You can do it. I see you and I love you and I hope with all my heart you can recover. A lot of love everyone♥️
#CheerMeOn #Recovery #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SexualAbuse #Trauma #SuicideIdeation #Selfharm #Dissociation #Tattoo #SemicolonTattoo #ProjectSemicolon

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Project semicolon

Holiday seasons can be hard on some so as they come up on us please remember you matter and that there are people out there that are able to listen 24/7 if you need them. No story is over; so please make sure we continue to hear your next chapter;

#ProjectSemicolon #SuicidalThoughts #DepressionSupport #Depression #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Suicide #HolidaysAreHard #MentalHealth #Fibromyalgia #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ChronicIllness #LymeDisease #RheumatoidArthritis

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Seal on My Promise #Suicide #Depression #RecoveryTattoos

Here’s my first tattoo. I got it a few weeks ago to commemorate my promise (made two years prior) that I wouldn’t take my life, no matter how hard life got. Pray for me to continue to stand strong. #SuicideAwareness #ProjectSemicolon

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; semicolon #MightyPoets

Your story isn’t over
just because of
one line bad line,
a couple of sad poems or,
a few bad chapters.

;semicolon/Amelia Blackwater #ProjectSemicolon #Suicide #Poetry #Depression #MightyPoets

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