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Little Things (RAIN)

I have just finished my sophomore year of college today. A few minutes ago I heard rain and opened the door to look. It was pouring down but it looked so beautiful. My brother said “I want to go out there.” I told him to go. I went with him. He ran around in the puddles, I stood there in silence doing my deep breathing! It was beautiful ! Thankful for simple reminders of Gods power and grace ! It was only a few moments but it meant everything after a stressful and unconventional school year! #littlethings #Nature #Spirituality #BipolarDisorder #EatingDisorders #PanicAttack #siblingstories
#GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #PeaceInThePain


Are you a sibling of someone who has a physical/mental disability? What's your favorite part about your relationship? Share your #siblingstories !

Even though I have a few invisible disabilities, I also grew up with two sisters who had very visible physical and mental disabilities. I think most people initially looked at us with pity, but we had some great times growing up together, like every other family. My favorite memory was making up dances with my sister (mostly to ABBA songs). We'd spend hours just laughing together. Even now when I see her, she'll remember some of our old dance moves. #RareDisease #ChronicIllness #Disability #MentalHealth #siblinglove

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