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    #Painrelief #sijointpain #lowback #Fibromyalgia #neckpain

    Since Marich been dealing with added pain from Si joint and lower back from a massage , not to mention suffer of fibro aghh!
    Anyway I wanted something to help w the new aggravations since yoga was leaving me in more pain and essential oils weren't even cutting it , and I can't be medicated 24/7.
    So I found this ointment and surprising it really does help it goes on cool and then starts to work lessening the pain and I'm told I dont smell like a horriable muscle rub , it has a spearmint / peppermint scent :)
    If ur up to trying something new to aid with your daily headache of body pain u might wana try this .
    Just a suggestion. 😊👍


    Biological medication

    I just got the absolute best news!
    I have been sick over 5 years and I finally got to meet the best doctor ever and she decided that it would be very beneficial to try #biologicalmedicine for my pains for six months at first. And now I have been researching all about this medication. But I haven't been finding at all what type of experience people have had with this.
    The medication I'm going to have is called #infliximab
    So now I think this is the best way to maybe find even something about this.
    I mean yeah, of course I have read what types of side effects I might get, but obviously everyone has different experiences with these types of things, but I'd rather hear what others thought about it!
    So I would definitely appreciate any comments!
    So yeah, please feel free to comment anything related to this subject!

    I hope everyone has an amazing day and very little pains! xx

    #Fibromyalgia #Chronicpains #ChronicPainSyndrome #sijointpain



    This pain in my legs is awful ! It makes it so hard to do anything. I walk with a cane and it's still so hard .
    I never thought my life would be like this. I want to enjoy life and do more. I just sit in my recliner most of the day cause it's where I'm the most comfortable.
    Thankgoodness for Netflix.
    #Fibromyalgia #sijointpain #chronic pain