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I’ve been sitting here thinking of all the symptoms of my chronic illnesses and how they’re so similar. It seems like everything is revved up going at the same time. How do we do it? It is ruining my day. Usually everyday. I’m doing my pain mgt which is clearly not working. I’m losing my joy. #spinal stenosis #CFS #EBV #Bipolar

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Community Voices

MRI results shows #spinal Stenosis #spinal Spondylosis #DDD #DJD

Hey Mighty Family,

I just wanted to give a quick update. Had an MRI and explains a great deal. I told myself if I can deal with Fibromyalgia I can handle anything. It's tough....And at times I cry often. But I pick myself and keep moving forward. At the end of the day I'm grateful for my doctors who continue to help me. 'm seeing an Orthro Surgeon and a Physical Therapist and its ok. You know, I tell myself everyday I wake up I thank God and focus on what I can do. Thank you Mighty :).

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Light at the end of tunnel is a train.

Just when I thought I was getting some answers & help regarding my spine issues and my hands being swollen. All this crazy stuff with me difficulty getting doctor appointments. My new primary doctor sent me for blood work and I have some not great results. It seems my bun-creatine ratio is High+ MCHC is Low ( signs of anemia) Carbon Dioxide in blood is High- there was slight blood in urine but also noted Rare Hyaline cast in urine (indicator of kidney disease). I think I want to throw up I don't know whether I want to cry or scream in frustration and anger. Still waiting to see the rheumatologist about my swollen hands knuckles leg foot. Finish up with my nerve ablations in my lower spine. And now this. I'm sensing (feeling a panic pulse) a medical tsunami and I'm just waiting to get hit.
#chronic pain
#Costa chondritis
#idiopathic Angioedema hives
#Baastrop syndrome
#rheumatoid Arthritis
#Peripheral Neuropathy
#raynaud 's syndrome
#spinal stenosis
#Bilateral impingement syndrome
#Pleurisy W/D
#Shingles in the left eye

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Thoracic Spine Surgery

A little over a week ago, I had emergency surgery on my thoracic spine. I had a fusion and lamenectomy on T5-T9 and one disc removed. Prior to surgery, I lost the ability to walk and I had urinary/bowel issues.

Surgery on the thoracic spine is more rare than other areas and more complicated and risky. There wasn’t much choice in my case. I had posterior surgery.

It’s probably the toughest surgery I’ve ever had. My blood pressure dropped during surgery and my recovery has been good, but slow. I’m walking again with the aid of a walker and I still deal with neurogenic bowel and bladder issues, but there is hope that those will go away as nerves heal.

I’m hoping others who have had or are facing this surgery will find this post. I’m glad I had my surgery, but I never would have had it if I hadn’t gotten to the point of hearing paralysis. #SpinalCordInjury #SpinalFusion #SpinalSurgery #SpinalStenosis #spinal

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When it rains it pours

Multiple things hitting at once...
New medicine, new issue: 3 discs severely degenersted in neck, and then my pain management and spinal cord stimulator doctor is closing his practice with little or no notice.
Now what?
#changes ,#Sarcoidosis , #Asthma ,
#chronic illnesses,#chronic pain,
#spinal cord stimulator,#Now what

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Decisions, Decisions.

It's been awhile since I've posted on the Mighty. Still waiting for true dx on my spine. Have had more tests then I care to post. Angry at Drs. changing their minds every month while I get worse. Walking is difficult (meaning I have a 2 hrs window) can't bend over, or lift things. Can't feel my parts of my legs or feet. The pain is much worse. Dr who did injection test slipped and said I had a bulging disk on L4/5 and the surgeon told him spinal fusion?
News to me. So today, should I clean my house, or work on my painting project (of my cat that passed in 2019). I'm going to try to do both in that order but sometimes I just can't. I live alone so I need to do it all. Finances are low need to save for boarding cats if I have surgery. I'm so numb ' 2yrs. of this back and forth" I'm hoping for a dx in August from Neurosurgeon.
#baastrupt SYNDROME
#Chondromalacia PATELLA L
#spinal STENOSIS
#unstable LUMBAR SPINE

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I posted on gaslighting and many other sites regarding my spinal issue/Dr issue. I'm going to say I was very upset about how I was treated or rather NOT treated but brushed aside. I took a deep breath after posting and barely getting any support I decided to pull back and put my energies into finding help. I'll be seeing another neurosurgeon in June getting another MRI. I've also started seeing my soft tissue therapist who is beyond medically educated and very up to date on world wide health updates in pain managment. He is currently using a new device, originally developed in Russia, then France now used all over Europe. But bc of USA crap FDA etc Big pharma would loose out, blah blah.
Anyway the FIRST time he used the device on me I gained the ability to make it to the bathroom without accidents. We're now working on my sacrum and legs. I've already gained some strength and had some pain reduction. I will continue to post my progress this should be unique. This is NOT some snake oil remedy, can you imagine what would happen to the health care industry if we could heal ourselves! I hope someone reads this seriously. # ADHD # Baastrupt syndrome #Anxiety #Fibromyaliga #Reynards syndrome #Osteoporosis #Osteopenia #spinal Stenosis #lordosis # Kyphosis #Shingles

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When the Other Shoe Drops
Use the Damn It Doll.

<p>When the Other Shoe Drops<br>Use the Damn It Doll.<br></p>
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Stairs... Sad but true right now

<p>Stairs... Sad but true right now</p>
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