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Post op Surgery #laminectomy #spinal fusion # 6 weeks

Hey Mighties just wanted to share briefly the surgery went well. Its been 6 weeks. Physical therapy has been tough due to my over enthusiasm 😕. Overall things are going well and I need to trust the recovery process. Me with my walker and brace.

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Making it! Woke up at 3 am screaming took all my meds waited for them to kick in before going to bathroom. Stayed up till 8:30am and took some meds to help me sleep. Woke up at 12:30pm screaming in pain. Same ole routine meds, pain I just am chasing a Monster. Have an appointment with a new pain management doctor in a week. Female this time, will discuss pain pump, maybe this is my answer????Beautiful day outside couldn't go out. #spinal Stroke #Pain Pump #It s a Beautiful Day


Lumbar Laminectomy and Fusion

#spinal Stenosis
Hi Mighties, Just a quick note to share. It's been a rough few days. The Spine specialist recommended surgery and I agree. You guys are the first I've told. I need to tell my family. It's just that I wanted to process this first. After three years of this, on/off PT, other holistic approaches and epidural injections. In any event, I feel better sharing it 😌. 😊.

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#Disability Denial #Fibromyalgia #spinal Stenosis

Hey Mighty Family
I was wondering if anyone knew of a great attorney for SSDI legal representation? I was denied benefits and felt it would be important to have. Area DMV. Thanks in advance 😊

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#Fibromyalgia #spinal Stenosis #happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Giving thanks 😊
Good Morning Mighty Family
I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. Today will be different and difficult for my family. 🙏

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#Bipolar2Disorder (w/major depression) #PTSD #Arthritis #Anxiety #OCD #spinal Stenosis #Neurodermatitis #KidneyDisease #Fibromyalgia

I forgot to tell you my health info when I joined, and I think I’m supposed to. Sorry. I also get #ChronicMigraines Im nearly 53. I worked in Human Services, helping other people, prior to not working myself. Now, I enjoy arts and crafts when I’m able and live close to family. Thank you.

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#Fibromyalgia #dry Needling #spinal stenosis#

Hi Mighties! Just wanted to share a quick note about my first experience with dry needling my PT used yesterday to help with pain. It was an eye opening experience!!! I noticed results after the treatment. I was walking better ( still used my cane) decrease in anxiety and increase in energy levels. Today still very sore (to be expected) but I'm hopeful for the time being.

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These are my precious furry companions. Do you have any fur companions that are your life?

Wow this time I was able to post a picture and they're together. In foreground is Gracie 13 yo we've been together for 12 1/2 years. The black blob at the top left is Merlin 9 yo I adopted him 2 years ago. He was considered unadoptable bc he's a black cat, overweight (20) lbs & has feline asthma. He was 20 lbs when I adopted him and weights the same no matter what I try. These furry creatures are my life. Gracie is my cuddle bunny after we lost both her fursisters (within 4 months of each other) who she grew up with, she literally stayed with me for the times I just cried for days. I felt badly for her bc she would search for her sisters everytime we had a shared time like meals or nitenite treats. So I got Merlin. No background on him,he's vocal loves the sounds of kittens crying makes biscuits while trilling hated being picked up no cuddling. I Taught him to use an inhaler for his asthma attacks. He recently had mini stroke, his personality changed for the better. Now likes to cuddle, calls for Gracie when it's nitenite treats or if he sees me outside or it's 5 minutes past time to eat he meows pitifully. Thank goodness for them.
#ADHD #Anxiety #Arthritis #Fibromyalgia #Gout #Osteoporosis #Osteopenia
#congenital Kyphosis #PeripheralNeuropathy
#Bastrop Syndrome
#bone spurs
#Reynards Syndrome
#Shingles # Shoulder impingement Syndrome
#spinal stenosis #Cataracts

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Chronic Illness

I’ve been sitting here thinking of all the symptoms of my chronic illnesses and how they’re so similar. It seems like everything is revved up going at the same time. How do we do it? It is ruining my day. Usually everyday. I’m doing my pain mgt which is clearly not working. I’m losing my joy. #spinal stenosis #CFS #EBV #Bipolar

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