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Newbie with Spine Problems #spinepain #Anxiety #PTSD

I had a laminectomy almost 3 years ago. Before that I had bouts of pain that crippled me for several days at a time, constant severe pain. I had 2 great years with no pain but this last year I’ve had some problems return. Today I had a small sharp pain in my lower spine. They really scare me and I’m not sure how to deal with them mentally. I’m home from work laying down now but terrified of what might happen next or tomorrow. Will it come back or get stronger? Will it last until I finally give in and have them do a fusion surgery? It’s scary as hell and can sometimes be all consuming not allowing my mind to rest. I’m bipolar too and it’s so tough to get out of my head.



Pain is immense. Too much up and around today. Sitting, standing, repeat. I wish I could move around without consequence. Two youngsters came to help outside to get garden beds ready today. They even put the cover on the greenhouse frame that I have been unable to do and built a raised bed I can tend to from my garden trolley. They said they will come back to help fix things that I've had to leave and need finishing and repair. I wanted to hug them both.
Part of me felt frustrated watching them do things I enjoyed doing and used to do so easily years ago, but more than that I feel so grateful.
I used the whipper snipped today. Just a light electric one, but it's something. I also used my mitre saw for the first time in? I'm not sure. Just small pieces of wood and I had to sit down to use it, but it feels like a big deal.
I couldn't remember how to unlock it, but it's been a long time.
With their help maybe this place can start feeling like home again and I won't keep feeling like I'm letting my family down. #TraumaticBrainInjury #spineinjury #spinepain #Depression #grateful #mva #Motherhood


Bone Scan?

My EMG showed that nerves continue to be actively irritated in my cervical spine. my next test is a bone scan.

In the meantime, I have pain beginning on my right side in addition to my left. I’m feeling like this is becoming more and more a long term issue. It’s been about 18 months now since I first began having symptoms and I’ve already had one spine surgery, a foraminotomy on two levels.

I feel so alone in all this. Meanwhile, I’m trying to work full time sand take care of my husband with stage 3 colorectal cancer. He’s doing well with chemotherapy, but...this is all a lot.

#bonescan #ChronicSpinePain #ChronicPain #cervicalspinalstenosiswithbonespurs #spinesurgery #spinepain


How do you deal with chronic pain?

This is a totally new topic for me, but for the past years my back and foot pain have become increasingly worse. I've been to a foot doctor, worn and orthopedic boot for 3 months, seen an orthopedic doctor, had and MRI and nerve testing and been told that there is nothing that the see should causing my symptoms. Im not headed for more blood work and to a spine specialist... How do you cope with the frustrations of the endless doctors saying they cant help you? #ChronicPain #chronicbackpain #spinepain #frustrated