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Cervical Spine Surgery

I had my neck surgery yesterday. I am so relieved it's done. The pain from the surgery is not fun, at all. I am so excited though to get through this and feel better. I know I'll always live with pain, due to all the other fun stuff I deal with, but this is going to be such a tremendous help. I wanted to share with you guys ! #ChronicPain #spinesurgery #Fibromyalgia #Anxiety

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Accomidations in chaos

Accomidations in this chaos are few and far in between. I don't participate in any extra #chaos . Our home is one with a variety of thins already going on on a daily bases.... people struggling.
We are a home it a fully disabled Army combat wounded veteran with the inability to work. So, you're talking... #intervert , #PTSD , extra #Depression because he is still able to work in his mind and told he can't, #TraumaticBrainInjury , #PhysicalMedium , #SleepApnea , #closterphobic (in certain situations), #HearingLoss ... and what other #Undiagnosed issues he had prior.. besides #temperment . To add to it... the oldest (teenager) in our home also has a variety of issues...#ADHD , #Merld , #GAD , #undiagnosedasd , #odd , #RaynoldsSyndrome , #mildDyslexia , #boarderlineBiploar ... #sensitive #empath
Next, a seven year old. He is Super tall for his age and has tons of #growthspurts along with everything else. He is a #SensitiveEmpath with #PTSD and signs of #SPD (#SensoryProcessingDisorder ). He may also have #auditoryprocessing issues. He receives #OT , #St , and #SociaWork services.
Next is a smart, stubborn, five year old; and a smart, overly active three year old. You are lucky if they keep their shoes on most the time anywhere. 💯🤪🤣
With all the professional knowledge from my college years (associates degree) and learning from friends I have in the higher up professions of environmental control, Industrial Hygene, constitutional attorney... it also makes me not want to play along with all the chaos that occurs in our current world, let alone make my kids participate.
Healthcare facilities are being able to break all laws, oaths, and rules they want currently because the ADA is doing nothing just as OSHA has been doing. Instead of helping prevent illness, they are spreading it more. They refused my 7yo this summer from a tick bite, instead of looking at his hip to see it if was #LymeDisease that required antibiotics. Then, I had to fight with them at ER showing my wide knowledge to get my child help.. stressing us out in the process. He was so #anxious the was tightly gripped on my arm as we wanted the room to get seen. He needed #antibiotics .
Recently, my husband whom had a #spinesurgery last year was to be seen by his primary #NP . She refused a virtual appointment, and refused to see him in person without a mask 😷. He knows masks at these levels don't work for virual (#mocksuits #biochemicalsuits ), gets #clisterphobic , aren't going by #FederalPPEGuidlines , and already is having issues breathing (#musclespasms around his esophagus and #lockjaw ). He asked if they ever tried breathing through a pillow because it is how he will feel with a mask on if he here to wear one. (Plus. Some of those are put together in dirt.. and dipped in chemicals.) My husband was terminated of their care and not allowed to come back to #Bronson . When he got looking at our chart information... our WHOLE family was #terminatedofcare from #BronsonHealthSystem .

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Post spinal fixation surgery

I had a great deal of therapy after my surgery and I have to say the best was aqua therapy. I used weights building up to more weight as I went through it. Walking out of that therapy pool my body felt like it weighed hundreds of pounds. But gradually it got easier. Best therapy for me. #Scoliosis #PhysicalTherapy #spinesurgery


My Pain Has Changed

It used to be nerve pain and tight muscles in my shoulder and down my arm. Now it’s sharp pain in my neck where my surgery in October was. I’m not sure what that means. My appointment with my neurosurgeon isn’t for 2 weeks and the sharp pains become closer and closer together. I’m hoping it’s not a bad sign. #ChronicPain #spinesurgery #CervicalRadiculopathy


Fallen Twice this week and 1 near miss

I’ve started tripping and falling, but only in certain situations. Stairs are tricky. Putting on leggings or shoes also. ladders? Just fine. I don’t quite understand why some things make me unsteady and then other things I expect to be a problem...aren’t.

I’m laying awake, feeling my muscle twitch and spasm and hoping tomorrow is a good day. #ChronicPain #CervicalRadiculopathy #SpinalStenosis #spinesurgery


Fell Down the Stairs This Morning

My home is a beautiful old duplex built in 1910, full of original character. We live in the upper unit and rent out the lower to a nice group of college girls.

This all means we have a lot of old stairs.

This morning, I was carrying something all the way down to the basement and slipped, sliding down a flight of stairs, bumping my elbow and back and butt. Thankfully, I don’t think it made anything any worse, but I worry about the future living up so many stairs.

Our plan was to fix the plaice up and rent the downstairs out until the kids are grown, then flip it so we live in the first floor and rent out the upper two floors. I’m hoping we still have time. #ChronicPain #ChronicSpinePain #spinesurgery #SpinalStenosis #CervicalRadiculopathy


Bone Scan?

My EMG showed that nerves continue to be actively irritated in my cervical spine. my next test is a bone scan.

In the meantime, I have pain beginning on my right side in addition to my left. I’m feeling like this is becoming more and more a long term issue. It’s been about 18 months now since I first began having symptoms and I’ve already had one spine surgery, a foraminotomy on two levels.

I feel so alone in all this. Meanwhile, I’m trying to work full time sand take care of my husband with stage 3 colorectal cancer. He’s doing well with chemotherapy, but...this is all a lot.

#bonescan #ChronicSpinePain #ChronicPain #cervicalspinalstenosiswithbonespurs #spinesurgery #spinepain


Abnormal EMG?

I had spine surgery on my neck for a pinched nerve, a foraminotomy on 2 levels. My pain began creeping back and yesterday they did an EMG. The tech could only tell me she “found something” and that it explains my pain. My follow up appointment isn’t until the 11th. Any ideas? It was 2 muscles she tested. #emg #ChronicPain #ChronicSpinePain #spinesurgery #SpinalStenosis #CervicalRadiculopathy


steroids and gabapentin

I completed my steroid pack and that seemed to help. They cut my gabapentin in half due to side effects, so now I’m down to 900mg from 1800. I feel twinges of pain, but it’s not too bad yet. I worry it will get worse again. #ChronicPain #CervicalRadiculopathy #cervicalforaminotomy #spinesurgery

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What is a EMG like? Do they hurt?

My surgeon can’t get a good look at where the nerve might be pinched on the MRI they just took of my neck. Apparently the foramin can be hard to see after surgery.

They want to do a EMG next, but we have to wait until I’ve had 3 weeks of symptoms since my symptoms returned after my foraminotomy. I had dry needling prior to surgery that only made my pain worse, so I’m really hoping the EMG won’t feel like that. #CervicalRadiculopathy #SpinalStenosis #spinesurgery #PinchedNerve #Nerve