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#Standing in front of you school in your underwear. But worse.

My name is Ellie. I believe I first posted something I wrote about my #service dog, Elliot. My husband and I had just put him down.
#the first post is very hard to do. There is so much I’ve kept hidden, including myself. Too many illnesses, problems, tears, fears. I did not mention that for 12 years Apple has been working with me to try to remove a hacker(s) from my devices. This alone has kept me from reaching out.
I did not want to share my true name or face. This was my choice. But a hacker came on here and changed my email address, changed my name to
“lyndaandlab” and had posted my full name. I feel devastated.
And I don’t know the password they used to remove their/my information.
Apple has suggested I go to the FBI, this is identity theft. While I sit and cry at the unwanted exposure, my husband has talked with the FBI, and they agree, this is a valid case.

I will be opening up my original account. If anyone can help in removing those personal postings, I am begging for your help. NAMASTE, Ellie


#Standing up for myself # friend. Condt:

Those the friends/acqaintances - from long ago and now- who are usually always nice and always kind- don’t tend to upset me to the point of yelling, calling names.. etc.and. they rarely have time to listen when and if I do get upset. This type to me is usually quite busy.
Though I enjoy very much talking w friends such as this I also enjoy the comfort and understanding of those that wil take the time to listen and understand me.; I hope I do the same for them. This group is especially important if I feel I may have to respond to someone where I have to prepare a measured reply to or stand up to or if I am simply upset or if I have to process like I am doing here. This group of friends or acquaintances are extremely valuable in these instances. And priceless for their time and expertise in listening.

On the other hand the friends/acquaintances who are nice and kind and very busy provide a stability which I enjoy. Things are usually the status quo w them. Upset has to be organized and measured . Spontinaeity is not the preferred or acceptable mode of communication.

I feel All friends and acquaintances are important for various reasons. Standing up for myself still happens- w a measured sometimes rehearsed reply or just a spontaneous roar-depending on the audience. all are important elements necessary to make my life complete. 😀


In what way is EDS progressive apart from osteoarthritis? #EDS #ehler Danlos Syndrome #Standing intolerance #chronic pain # isolation #Depression

How do I improve my life so it is not so limited?
Please read my bio.