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Self Management Tools from Fatigue Clinic

When I went to the Fatigue Clinic at Mayo, one of the resources they gave me for CFS/Fibromyalgia/Centralised Sensitisation was this chart of “self management tools. “

[Chart is a circle, equally divided into 14 different coloured pieces, labelled:
- positive thinking
- decreased symptom focus
- relaxation
- stress management
- moderation
- time management
- nutrition
- exercise
- spirituality
- leisure/fun
- humour
- socialisation
- communication
- sleep hygiene]

“Each area is equally important,” I was told, then challenged to make a weekly goal based on this chart.

“Set yourself up for success,” the doctor added, reminding me to make the goal something achievable, not a pipe dream. “If you think ’I can do that every day!’ set a goal to do it 3 or 5 times.”

For me, it’s difficult not to try to just take on all the goals at once. Sure, I don’t have the energy to even be out of bed more than a couple hours a day, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to try.

Limiting myself to one goal a week, however, has turned out to be a huge relief. I can give myself permission to let things go. “I already have a goal this week, maybe I’ll work on that NEXT week.”
(Spoilers: I usually end up working on 2 goals, but it’s better than 10 or more!)

I’m not doing less. I’m just giving myself permission to do the amount I can handle. Some days. Some hours. It’s a work in progress.

Which area would you choose for this upcoming week?

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