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Does anybody else rely on rigid routines and structures to manage their BPD symptoms? I have routines that help me regulate myself but if I can’t do those things then I tend to have a meltdown or it can trigger an episode. I try to explain to people why I need to do these things but a lot of people view them as negative. It can cause me problems, especially when working. However, in general, I see my routines and structure to be positive. Does anybody else use this as a coping mechanism? If so, do you have similar difficulties or a way to deal with the meltdowns that come from it?
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What if i mattered to myself at work?

Today's session with my therapist was really helpful.

We talked about my busy and stressful work week and the negative selftalk that has started up again and which i'm struggling to control every evening.

We started out getting some skills together about managing the thoughts and slowing down my work day so i'm not so overwhelmed.

I gave an example of a colleague who structures his work day in blocks to get tasks done at a certain time for a certain amount of time at work, and to prioritise and set boundaries around new tasks and enquiries.

I realised he can do this because he values himself and his time at work.

I dont have that mindset but im going to work on building it. My mindset at work is currently to strip myself of all my human needs and turn myself inside out for everyone and anyone completely at the whim of others and being completely at service of others and their apparently urgent needs at complete disregard for my own.

I'm a librarian, internally for our company.

The way i've been treating myself at work for the last 9 years is incredibly unhealthy.

From tomorrow i'm going to try to change that.

If i mattered to myself at work, i would:

Value my time

Prioritise my work

Put boundaries around mine and others' expectations of delivery times for research

Structure my day and acknowldge the time that different tasks take to do well

Take breaks when i feel i need to

Validate when something is difficult or stressful or challenging and allow time accordingly

Evaluate how i feel each day and my expectations for myself that day

Validate when there are extenuating circumstances which are making work harder

Because i matter to myself.

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When I was a kid, the expression of my intense emotions were seen as a "lack of discipline" or "bad behavior" at school. Since then I developed some kind of aversion to a structured lifestyle. Today I am struggling with finding meaning for structure and I read this though by Pederson and thought of sharing.

I know not many people have access to DBT, and I've been thinking of sharing my experiences and information regarding DBT.

I hope you are having an emotionally regulated Gregorian New Year!