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Cancer Fighting Songs

Hi I had throat cancer and got discharged after 5 years, I am now in 3 years remission from pancreatic cancer. I fought against the illness through writing two songs about fighting Cancer. Please feel free to share them if you like, find them on YouTube under the heading of Cancer Rebel Live and Cancer Rebel Live, Cancer Survivor

Stay safe and well Maurice aka MoMac

Cancer Rebel Live to YMCA tune by the inspirational Momac McCarthy MoMac YouTube 360p

The latest incarnation of my Cancer Rebel Live song with lyricsthank,s to everyone who came to the Hilton Hotel in Brighton November 2019 for making another ...

I’m new here!

Hi, my name is TamK. I'm here because I’m a caregiver for my Vietnam Veteran husband. He has had 2 strokes, a PE, and throat cancer twice. he has a trac and can not speak.

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #Fibromyalgia

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is JamesW. I'm here because I am a stage 5 throat cancer survivor dealing with all the radiation aftermath Looking for other with similar cancer to talk to that understands



I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Pheonix8. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.

I am a 60 year old woman. I am in a domestic relationship. I have 2 grown children, 2 grandchildren and 3 fur grand children.

I have always been a change I very difficult for me.

Now my higher power (God), has a different road he wants me to travel.

In 1998, I was diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis.

In 2001, I finally left a 15 year abusive marriage.

In 2011, I survived throat cancer.

In 2013 was terminated from a 22 year medical manufacturing career, because I extinguished 22 weeks of STD.

In 2017 I left my children to "help" my 80 year old mother and her 2nd husband to be thrown out of their house in the dead of winter 1 week before Thanksgiving. We left everything because everything they had we were supposed to inherit. So at 55 years of age, we are starting over.

In March of 2020 I survived a widow makers heart attack.

In June, 2020 I had a double bypass with complications.

In December 2020 was hospitalized with arrhythmia.

In January 2022, I tested positive for COVID, can't imagine what it would have been like without the vaccinations.

I know I have more to give I am still searching for what that might be.

Then I met a wonderful lady who is very much into living in the NOW, and has found and embraces her inner child

She keeps telling me it is I side me but I have no idea on how to even begin searching. She is truly amazing and I need what she has found.





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Not sure I believe in God any more #Depression #petsareGod

It’s interesting, I was raised in a Christian home, weekends revolved around church, and friends at church. I went to a Christian University and taught in a Christian school.

I realised that people are the same if they are Christian or not. If they are stressed they are not very nice. No different to non Christian people. In fact sometimes worse.

I always wanted to be real and challenge the system. When I went to pubs to play guitar I was told that wasn’t appropriate.

When I sang in church it felt a bit contrived and people were easily offended by things like drums or similar. The worship music was no different to mainstream music like ColdPlay or similar. In fact i felt something fresh at a Coldplay concert I went to.

I’ve since learnt that depression I’ve battled with on and off for most of my life was born from high standards of behaviour set at church, and at home.

The feeling of being different to my school friends, not having friends outside church, giving your time away to everyone else and rescuing down and outers who need help didn’t really teach me self love or healthy boundaries. Never went to parties or played sport on Saturday because that was gods day. You get the idea...

I burnt out several times, and went back to church to ask god to help me... it felt good but as time went on I learnt that many of these church services are manipulating people into giving and reinforce the idea that if you cheer forward Jesus, listen to his music, help the needy you’ll be blessed.

When the pastors wife got throat cancer it was a big deal and everyone prayed and she was healed by surgery. (Praise god they said)

Not long after, a lady on the worship team got cancer and died in a few months, leaving a hubby and two kids behind. This wasn’t talked about much.. it was sad and she was loved, but it didn’t support the story they need to keep members engaged. Inconvenient outcome.

The pastor is a lovely guy, but he says the spirit tells him there is one more person who wants to put up their hand and accept Christ as the music builds during the weekly alter call. Everyone claps.

What rubbish!

I think it’s a great community but it comes with an expectation to give and help out and not to mention give financially.

For me, freedom isn’t going to church to spend the weekends talking about the same old thing... or hear all about amazing the next event is going to be so bring your friends along... that’s not freedom. You are being asked to market their programs...

I love people, I love helping people because it feels good and it’s a higher way to live. I also don’t expect god to see it, and bless me. I don’t want to weave it into a Sunday school service as an example of how to serve.

I don’t want to come across like I’m knocking Christians either... there are some fine humans in that crowd, but I just don’t believe we go up into heaven when we die. What rubbish!

What I do know... is that I don’t know.. simple. I’m ok with that:)


Staying strong #laryngealcancer #ThroatCancer #isorder #Insomn #diabetic

I'm a long term elderly woman suffering from Laryngeal cancer and I'm also diabetic.. Last year I had an operations in Taiwan and things haven't really been good.. But I'm staying strong.


Health anxiety

I have suffered with health anxiety for as long as I can remember but it was at its worst about 5 years ago. Fast forward to now and it’s still there, I still struggle with it but I have learned to control the thoughts and it’s much more controllable now. My sister had a baby last year and ever since she has been suffering with her mental health. But recently it’s become more about her health. She’s convinced herself that she has cancer and keeps find lumps all over her body. Now me having health anxiety too makes this harder as a part of me even tries to tell myself that it’s real, but she’s been to the hospital 4 times now and all of them times has had tests and they have all come back clear. Everything she says to me about it is like listening to myself 5 years ago again and it’s so painful watching someone experience what you have experienced for the longest time and not being about to help. She’s concerned about a new illness everyday, it started with lymphoma, then throat cancer, now it’s pancreatic cancer. She’s not sleeping or eating so I know that this is making her anxiety worse because her body is displaying symptoms of serious illness but it’s just the fact that she’s dehydrated, tired and hungry. She won’t eat because it’s making her sick and she can’t sleep because she’s thinking about illness constantly. Now I know how she’s feeling but I have never been on the other side of this and it’s awful because no matter what we say to her she just doesn’t believe us. She will not admit that it’s her anxiety that’s making it worse. I even thought that showing her the things that she’s finding in her body are also on mine too would help but she’s just not believing it. To the point where she’s now getting angry at us all because we “don’t believe her” I’ve searched how to help someone with health anxiety and have seen that you aren’t supposed to talk about her “health concerns” because that’ll feed her anxiety and validate that what she’s feeling is real. But how can we help her is she won’t talk about anything else? The doctors in our country aren’t trained well enough in mental health and they all just keep turning her away. I have so much more I could add to this but I’ll try to cut it short, I am just wondering if anyone else has a family member currently dealing with this and if so, how did they get through to them that what they are feeling is their anxiety? Because she just won’t believe it! Which I know is easier said than done believe me. I remember getting angry at everyone for not believing me, I remember all the feelings as if it was yesterday and honestly I don’t know what someone could’ve said to me at that point that would help me, so that’s why I’m finding this so difficult because I just want to help but I don’t know how to from the other side.

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After my walk, I drove past the federal prison hospital in the city about 10 miles from where I live.
Many well-known criminals have spent their last days there. Robert Stroud, aka the "Birdman of Alcatraz" died there in 1963. Racecar driver Randy Lanier spent some time here while overcoming substance abuse. If his name isn’t familiar, his sudden racing successes began to raise questions about the team's source of financing. Lanier went under investigation from the FBI. He led a multimillion-dollar drugs empire between 1982-1986 before he was finally apprehended. Shortly after his Indy 500 drive, he made his largest haul of 165,000 lbs. of marijuana.
Drug trafficker Michael Riconosciuto spent time here, as well as "The Toxic Pharmacist" Robert Courtney. Courtney was the pharmacist who was found to be diluting medications. Cancer patients were only receiving between 15% and at the most 35% of what their actual dosage should’ve been. He also diluted AIDS medications, fertility drugs, and diabetes prescriptions.
The prisoner who recently comes to mind as a guest of this federal hospital is John Gotti. Teflon Don ran the world’s most dangerous crime syndicate. He died of throat cancer here in 2002. I have a dear friend who was one of the prison guards who guarded him for his trips to the local hospital for treatment. He said at the end, Gotti was allowed no visitors but for his wife. They couldn’t take a chance of him sending a message to put out just one more hit before he died.
I apologize if it sounds like I’m running on. I guess it’s because I got to thinking about choices that those men made. Roads they traveled for fame and money. I think about how so many of us here were put in a prison for the crimes of others. We do the time for abuse and shame, but we were and are innocent.
Rehabilitation seems nearly impossible for many of us. But we definitely make those attempts. We call on a friend and they throw a rope over the wall we try to climb over the sharp pieces. Toward freedom. Oh I hope every single one of us finds that get-out-of- jail-free card. Oh how we’ll all fly...


It's so hard to find a dating site to meet people with cancer or have had it 😣