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The Way My Mind Works...

.... is I'll think about an incident for days, especially if it triggered my nervous system.

That is how my wknd went. As much as I'd try to occupy my mind, it'd go back to Friday & how I was treated in front of my coworkers.

I wanna confront my boss & let her know how she handled the situation was wayy out of the "professional" box. She had NO right approaching me in the manner that she did. No boss should EVER approach their employees with the tone she used. We're ALL adults, you're a professional, we're NOT your child, you're NOT at home.

For someone whose NOT a fan of confrontation & shuts down in those moments due to trauma growing up & is going to therapy to better their life, how can they get past this & handle it without falling?! This scenario has played in my head ALL wknd. That's how bad it hurt. It's not the first time I've been belittled like that from this boss yet it was the first time in front of my coworkers... I can't talk with my main boss due to them making the situation about them & covering up for my other boss..

Working in a toxic environment hurts my head. Trying to escape this is rough right now. Looking for a better opportunity is challenging due to my financial demands being too "strong" for what is out there.

How can I approach this situation where I dont look like the weak link when in reality, it's my boss whose the weak link? How do I approach a person who will argue with you til they're dead of having to be right, when they're clearly not. How can I let my main boss know about this situation without her belittle me?

My anxiety has been thru the roof this wknd. Of all wknds my therapist is out of the office too. Going into work tmrw is not what I wanna do. I don't even wanna see my boss's face yet she needs to know what she did wrong..

To say I'm lost would be an understatement..

#Anxiety #Depression #Migraines #Chatspace #CheckInWithMe #undiagnoised #MentalHealth #Insomnia #Trauma #ToxicWorkEnviroment #Therapy #PTSD #GAD #MentallyExhausting

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We need to figure something out...

You're always calling out. Seems as if it's once a month.

You need to figure something out with your anxiety/attacks.

You have insurance, why not go to the doctor's & get help.

Maybe you need to smoke weed to calm your anxiety.

I wish you knew you're going to call out the night before. Makes it hard for us.

..... & ALL of that was said to my face today. Let's not forget yesterday when I called out due to a scary panic attack & my boss wanted me to come in an hr later from normal shift forgetting I live 30 mins away & the interstate is my main route to work AND me not knowing how I'm going to feel. Usually it takes my body all day sometimes the next day to finally feel human again.

When will ppl who don't live THIS lifestyle come to an understanding that we don't choose this life. We don't control our attacks. We have absolutely no control how our days/nights are going to be? This lifestyle has a mind of it's own with no effs given.

When will ppl stop assuming that all of us are on medication when half of us choose the natural way. Some of us prefer to NOT take medication. Some of us prefer to NOT smoke weed due to how one will react towards it.

It just frustrates me some days that I have to explain myself over & over to my bosses. My guess is they're choosing to NOT fully care about their employees & mental health because themselves are "perfect."

Anyone else have this frustration or is it just me?

#Anxiety #Depression #Migraines #Chatspace #CheckInWithMe #undiagnoised #MentalHealth #Insomnia #PanicAttacks #AnxietyAttacks #GAD #ToxicWorkEnviroment