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#tried but Not Enough

I’m struggling today. I can honestly say that I tried my very best! Tried to be the best daughter, mother, wife, friend. This is not a pity party, but a fact. I’m not enough! My inadequacy has been pointed out to me . The problem is that I did try my best so now what. I guess I must accept the facts as they are. I’m not enough! Only my beloved pet loves me unconditionally. I’m grateful for him. I’ll just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going. I’m learning to live with this feeling of inadequacy! I’ve done my best and the Lord will judge me when my time comes. Thanks Dear Mighty Friends for listening!


#why do people think everything is going to be alright. When your drowning and don’t want everything to be alright because it isn’t when you have

#tried everything and you know you are going to be fighting the rest of your life if you have one so not say everything‘s gonna be all right


I have fibromyalgia so if I get less than six hours sleep my next day is a waste. But I often am awake until 2:30; trying to sleep. Alarm? sleepin?

#tried everything #Fibromyaliga #MyastheniaGravis #Insomnia


My poem

I’m alone
No one cares if I die
No one cares if I cry
I’m alone

I’m alone
The pain is strong and I am weak
Everything is seeming pretty bleak
I’m alone

I’m alone
But not forever
And give up I will never
I’m alone

I’m alone
But who cares about what they think
The only thoughts that matter are mine
I’m alone
But thats fine

#MightyPoets #alone #tried #Depression #SocialAnxiety #MightyPoets



#why #whyIkeepgoing #lost #found #tried #failed #reason

I’ve had nothing, I’ve had everything ...
I’ve been lost, I’ve been found ...
I’ve tried, I’ve failed ...
But I have never given up ...

Because no matter what, I have two children that I will provide for, regardless of that it takes...

They’ll never go without, they’ll never need, they’ll always have me ...

They are my ‘why’, they are my reason for living, they are my existence, they are Ari and Mason.

We all have our ‘Why’ .. what is yours .. ?