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New relationship #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #trustyourinstincts #listentoyourheart

This is my very first time being with someone who has strong feelings for me other than guys just wanted to play mind games and hurting me he's divorced and he has two kids somehow I wanted to run away and push him away but now I feel like I don't want to like my heart is telling me don't push him away and it feels so weird to have someone who actually likes me for me



Wishing that the people in my life who are supposed to be safe and reliable could be trusted. Why does trusting anyone with anything seem to backfire on me? It's lonely, but I always feel safest trusting myself first. #Trust #trustyourinstincts

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Always trust your instincts!!

My suspicious were right!! How could people stand with evil but try to crucify goodness! Revelation is necessary but it doesn’t erase the sting of betrayal. I quit with ignoring my instinct. I release my anger to God for allowing OCD to overtake me at one point. You only forced revelation of the betrayal and deception in my life. Thank you! Now, please heal my broken heart and heavy spirit! Just because something is necessary it doesn’t erase the pain of departure.

#MentalHealth #EmotionalHealth #beyourownadvocate #trustyourinstincts #SupportOthers #TreatOthersHowYouWantToBeTreated #self-Love


In Hindsight #signs #trustyourinstincts #ifonlyiknewthen

I won't and will not use my ignorance as an excuse for not recognizing that something was wrong or amiss with my youngest son. I was working seven days a week, ten hours a day, taking care of a man that had Parkinson's disease and had zero verbal skills. I was also cleaning their clothes, house, as well as preparing their meals and hand feeding, and washing/grooming him, in addition to diaper changes. My son was seventeen years old when we experienced his first manic episode and he was hospitalized on a 51/50, which is a psych hold for seventy two hours. From there he was sent to a mental hospital where he remained hospitalized for three weeks. I was only allowed limited access to him while they were trying to stabilize his condition. I found endless writings about suicide and wanting to end it all. Ignorantly, I told him how selfish he was for even thinking about doing something like that. The look on his face as he heard me say that was almost as painful as knowing he had been contemplating suicide and I didn't even have a clue. "You don't think it's a bit selfish that you would rather have me be miserable and unhappy so long as you're happy!?" He said to me as his voice cracked. "I feel worthless, hopeless, useless, and like I am just a burden on you. I thought I could spare you and everyone else from having to deal with me losing my mind." I have often been known to not think before I speak, and this was by far, one of those times that I wish I could have, wished I would have, listened instead of speaking. We recently learned my eldest son also has bipolar disorder. I entered therapy and counseling when they did, so I could learn everything I could possibly learn about bipolar disorder disorders and I am hopeful that they will continue doing whatever they have to do to, and I will be there by their side, for as long as they need me, as we all grow and learn how to better manage and maintain our mental health. #learn #listen #Talk #empathize #EDUCATE

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