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    What’s something interesting :) about you that you’d like to share? Distraction post*

    Something fun, unique, your life story, fun facts, hobby, pets, picture, art, therapy, etc whatever helps you or something about you :) you would like to share for fun. #Talk #distraction #Hope #Faith #hobbies #Fun

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    Just checking in ❤

    Please feel free to use this post as a check in on your feelings. You can vent, give a shout out, ask for prayers, share great news, anything! If you felt unheard, unloved, alone or maybe even happy but no one to share it with, I'm here. #Love #mental #Talk #support #checkin

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    Unloved (I think)

    I feel like a burden to my family and people I have chosen to be around me. Because no one understands, no one notices. No one. And through my sleepless nights I see texts through WhatsApp groups of people talking to each other, understanding each other...
    When I try to be open it goes quiet and I can feel the silence...
    And a different conversation will start because no one knows what to say to my broken...
    If you feel this way aswell I am hear for you. What we pass through not many will understand so through The Mighty, talk to me because I need you even if or when you do not want to talk to me.... #foryourpage #Despression #alone #lonley #iamhere #Talk #talktome #youarenitalone


    Why Talking to Others isn't That Easy

    I've been suicidal for more than half my life now, and every single online resource just says that a solution is "to talk to someone". What if I can't talk to someone?

    My parents are amazing, I won't ever deny it. But everyone has flaws, and theirs is that they don't believe that mental illnesses are a thing. A family friend recently attempted suicide, and my mom's response was to chide her about "doing stupid things." I told my parents about having 4 panic attacks within 4 hours, and their response was, "What's a panic attack?" followed by indifference.

    My siblings and friends are all younger than me, and I'm 17. Perhaps what they'll do will be right, but I really can't have them telling my parents. And I probably will not be able to take my parents' attitude towards mental illnesses.

    Online services are either paid (no income) and/or need parental consent to offer any help.

    I have an online friend who helped once. But I don't even know her real name. I feel like a brat, annoying her every few months just to take help, never to give any.

    I don't know what to do. I'm tired and done and exhausted. #Suicide #SuicidalThoughts #help #Talk

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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is RoseDew. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.



    #Anxiety #Fightingstigma #Talk #nojudgements

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    Join Us For Our First Commmunity Room Chat Tonight @ 7:30 PM!

    Look out for the notification to enter the chat room when it opens at 7:30 PM (US Eastern Standard Time).

    The chat will last for about an hour, but the chat room will stay open until 11:00 PM for general chat.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight!

    #DiabetesType2 #Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #prediabetes #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #CheckInWithMe #Support #Talk

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    Talk About It Tuesday: Talk About Anything!

    On the last Tuesday of each month, we give you the opportunity to talk about ANYTHING you want! It doesn’t have to be diabetes related. What’s on your mind?

    #DiabetesType2 #Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #Tuesday #TimeToTalk #Talk

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    Meet Annie!

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Annie and I am the community leader for the Young Adults & Mental Health Mighty Group.

    I’m so excited to connect with you and find common ground on all things mental health. Through my mental health journey and the MH journeys of my loved ones, I have experienced the extreme lack in conversations surrounding mental health in everyday conversations.

    I hope through this community, you can find a group of friends you can relate to and you can feel comfortable expressing yourself, on your good days, bad days, and days of uncertainty. You’ve got this!

    #MentalHealth #mentalhealthwarriors #destigmatizementalhealth #Anxiety #Depression #Talk #Support

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    What happens now?

    I had a very intense talk with my family lastnight. I wish I could've recorded it. I'd put it on blast. Because it shows alot of stupidity. I got my point across. I told my folks I need space to be able to grow. It turned negative and I'm still in pain from my eyes from crying. Still feel tired. But I hope this outcry made them realize that I need to live for myself. And not be treated like a child. There were alot of triggers in the convo I even yelled because they yelled at me and even broke the #1 rule when talking to a suicidal person. Never tell them "if you want to die you want us to die" they made it about them. They also refused to help me get help for my mental health. Because they didn't want me to be labled. I dont care. My mental health is more important. All that aside. They saw that I was wanting to be more independent and given chances to go out with friends. I just pray and hope they allow me my freedom to grow and blossom. If not I think I'll have to move out and never see them again. #Talk #controllingparents #adult #Anxiety #SituationalDepression #SuicidalIdeation