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How do I get an#awesomethemighty , t-shirt?

#FMS #CFS #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Disability #DisabilityTalk #DisabilityAdvocacy #mentalhealthchallenges #ClinicalDepression #PanicDisorder #PeripheralNeuropathy #InvisibleDisability #SupportOthers #CheckInWithMe #TheMightyTakeaway

Hey there everyone. I have been ill my whole life with a myriad of symptoms of illnesses, injuries, and unexplainable pain.
Finally I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder in my mid thirties and 5 years later fms and cfs. And at that same time, I had a massive flare of ??? PAIN?Extreme discomfort, throughout my body? And it has taken me 5 years of extremely difficult challenges and sometimes crushing mistakes. To get me here, sharing this. On this day I feel good after therapy and want to encourage other folks, to keep it going.
Most days are not like this. They are full of pain that I am continuously working through and that is exhaustive and depressing.
But through it all, I want

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Always trust your instincts!!

My suspicious were right!! How could people stand with evil but try to crucify goodness! Revelation is necessary but it doesn’t erase the sting of betrayal. I quit with ignoring my instinct. I release my anger to God for allowing OCD to overtake me at one point. You only forced revelation of the betrayal and deception in my life. Thank you! Now, please heal my broken heart and heavy spirit! Just because something is necessary it doesn’t erase the pain of departure.

#MentalHealth #EmotionalHealth #beyourownadvocate #trustyourinstincts #SupportOthers #TreatOthersHowYouWantToBeTreated #self-Love