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Book Bans

Yes! This cartoon came from the Instagram site of Viola Davis♥️It’s pertainient to what’s going on in our society today. I like the way it’s stated, and so I decided to share it in #TheMighty #Book #Bookbans #Abuse #Children #Pre -teens #teens #ChildAbuse #Protect #EDUCATE #PTSD

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Please no hate comments or "cringe" reposts, but I am apart of the otherkin community as nonhuman

It's true

It's not in any pessimistic or degrading way, don't
worry. I am a part of the otherkin/alterhuman
community. For me, I'm an alien hybrid
involuntarily. Being called a human makes me
sad. I mean I get why, it's extremely common in
our society. It's expected the vast majority of the
time because a pretty very small even know
about what it means. Yes, I am aware that I'm in
a human body and have a humanlike mind. I do
not act wrongfully inhumane.

I decided to say this because I am making sure
that this is a safe space for sure, even for
someone who identifies as nonhuman like me.
That and "human" makes me sad, but I'm not
mad. We face a lot of stigma, being called
cringey and posted in cringe subreddits back and
forth, and saying that we can only be a full
human and that's it. The majority of us coming
out or just being ourselves, there's a "cringe"
repost about that. No, I do not experience
delusions. Also "cringe" is a disgusting word.

Here’s a link if anyone’s interested ⭐️

I hope I don’t regret posting this…

#Alterhuman #otherkin #Identity #IExist #EndTheStigma #Stigma #EDUCATE

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#feelgoodforyou #onyourownterms

Good vibes are awesome, especially when your mind and body are in sync. And it's okay (and healthy) not to always have to be in a good or great mood. Take time to feel your emotions and be with yourself. Listen to your inner voice, your intuition or "gut" feeling. You will know when to let go and when to take time out.

We all have our amazing, high energy friends and partners who always seem to be on a positive high. Respect them and tell them how you're doing and teach them to respect your down time. There will be a time when the roles are reversed and a time when everyone's on cloud 9. But in the meantime, #taketimeforyou #mutualrespect #bekindrewind #discoveryourmagic #followyourgut #rest #behappy #mentalhealing #cptsdhealing #ucandounlimitedchange #EDUCATE


Help them learn #EDUCATE #Idontmind

I slept through most of 'Thanksgiving'. One to many emails about being thankful for the little things, not to let my mental illness(es) get me down... you know the usual pep talks that DO HELP most times? Not this day. The year has been awful enough outside my head, but inside that sucker? Good grief! It's a nightmare! So, my plan was to stay asleep, so I didn't have to try to smile at people and act like they wanted me to act. #everythingisnotfine

But, it just hit me that when I do this, I deny them the opportunity to learn what the struggle is like for people like me with a constant gray cloud of unhappy over my head no matter what the celebration or occasion for happiness is. People NEED to know this struggle is not one we choose but one we choose to fight even if we're hanging on by our fingernails... very weak, prone to breaking fingernails. #iwillfightforyoutoo

I'm learning something almost daily from the people here who share their struggles, their fights, and the wins and losses they have walked (or sometimes run like hell) through. Thank you for changing my mind.

#weareallfighters #everydayisawin

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Don't Hate; Educate


My S.O. is a great guy. He's the rock I hold onto when everything in my life feels as though it will wash me away. We got together before #fibro, so he fell in love with me at my best & has stayed with me through the rest.

He's talented, good looking, a great cook, honest, hard working & he loves me beyond the shadow of a doubt. He's financially stable, works full time with great benefits. But his job is very physically draining, and that fact makes him need rest because his body is sore (we, as #fibrowarriors understand the need to rest better than most). He's also messy and lets his "chores" pile up (he's only got two: the floors and recycling/trash).

I don't generally nag him; #Fibromyalgia , my #Depression , #BPD & general experiences in life have taught me much. But, though for some time I asked nicely & lovingly; nothing changed. My next approach, (being a mother of 2 boys) was automatically reverting to the "mom" tone of voice & giving instructions (It's incredibly difficult not to revert to that when the behavior of a grown man becomes that of a teenager). This builds frustration in my S.O., &, inturn; that frustration comes out in (what I like to call) "asshole tone of voice". Literally, we are left with a communication breakdown; because when asked why he thinks I started talking to him that way, he was literally clueless. (Ack! Right? )

So we discussed that & he brought up another frustration: "when you say you're going to do something, if you don't think you'll be up to finishing the task, don't say you're going to do it." He CLEARLY needs to be educated further on my chronic illnesses. Who among us can make those sorts of guarantees?! & then he followed that up with: "you should have a handle on your condition by now to know what you can & can't get done ahead of time." *me rubbing my forehead in irritation*
He just truly has no idea.

So instead of becoming outraged by this, I once again (but silently this time) took the mom approach & decided to find a way to educate him. The true literal definition of ignorance is basically: "not having had learned that yet". So he needs to be taught (& yes, his general disposition lends itself to learning).

Here's where y'all come in:

Are there books or manuscripts out there that help the mates of "us" understand? Perhaps a video?

#Fibromyalgia #FibroFog #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealthAwareness #fibromyalgiaawareness #EDUCATE

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Lupus Healing

Healing from lupus isn’t linear. It will take you through many paths to get you to a place of some sort of comfort beyond lupus. #lupusincolor #EDUCATE #inspire #encourage #empower

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Lupus Holiday Recovery

The whirlwind of the holidays is finally over. Take some time to recover.

Lupus In Color Holiday Recovery:

1. Rest-Get some sleep: Make moments today to relax and just be. Your body needs it.
2. Make time to meditate: Take 5 minutes out of your day to just sit still and breathe. You deserve still moments to recharge.
https://3.Take a short walk: bundle up and take a short walk and enjoy the fresh air. The walk will help you relax some.
4. Write in your journal: Sit down and write out your feelings from the holiday. Get all the good and bad out of your mind and onto paper. It's a form of great release.
5. Set boundaries: just say no if you need to. Dont feel like you have to say yes to https://everything.You can say no and not feel guilty.
6. Drink some hot tea: Grab a spot of tea and just enjoy the relaxation it brings. Allow the warmth to soothe you.
7. Read a good book: Take some time to read a book that you've wanted to read. Take your time to get into the fantasy of your imagination.

Make it a restful day. Try to limit your stress and practice some self care. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you. #EDUCATE #inspire #encourage #empower #lupusincolor

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Lack of awareness and understanding hurts us.

So I’ve seen a post doing the rounds in the chronic illness community that starts with the quote ‘at least it’s not cancer’. And my goodness I am so glad that I don’t have cancer. But this post expresses some of the struggles we have, with invisible illnesses, with little understood illnesses, with illnesses that have no cure or fail to achieve symptomatic relief with medications or treatments.

One of the things that’s been on my mind recently is not only do the ‘able bodied’ - I say this in quotation marks as I personally do not see myself as disabled but I also don’t see myself as a normal person my age due to the restrictions put on my life through my illness but that is beside the point - but also doctors, professionals, even in some cases ‘specialists’ (a few of you will know personally some of whom I mean but I will not mention them by name as whatever illness whatever hospital I’m sure many other people with the same illnesses as me and others will have experienced the same) fail to comprehend our symptoms, or why certain treatments aren’t working or that although they can’t fix the problem doing nothing to avoid making things worse isn’t viable either as your quality of life is non existent. They can’t comprehend that people want to be able to work, want to be able to live independently, fall in love, get married, have a family or a dog or whatever their dream is. It is not the professionals fault we are ill, I agree - but it’s not our fault either. So ultimately why should we have to live a lesser version of ourselves?

See that’s one thing that cancer has - everyone (doctors and peers alike) automatically understands how scary it is, how overwhelming, how it makes you question everything, and also when they don’t have any better treatments they always do everything they can to offer symptomatic relief - that’s literally the role of palliative care, to make you as comfortable as you can be. They don’t expect you to always put on a brave face.

#ChronicIllness #Weneedawareness #TPN #TubeFeeding #EDSAwareness #Gastroparesis #LivingWithPOTS #Functionalgutdisorder #Changingperceptions #EDUCATE

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Encourage independent women #Knowyourworth #Encorage #Empowerment #Absolutely #Truestory #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BpDbeautifully #Lovemehateme #Memyselfandi #EDUCATE #Respect

Raising little girls is not easy or for the faint hearted - poor fathers across the world struggle letting their daughters go freely into the world when its time - don’t clip her wings for she has to learn - to trust wholeheartedly that she is prepared and ready - Daughter Sister Mother Auntie Granddaughters She Female Feminine - Independence Education Hustler giving her all to fly her path with enrichment and knowledge from you from us from me myself and I

Namaste 🙏💡🙏

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In Hindsight #signs #trustyourinstincts #ifonlyiknewthen

I won't and will not use my ignorance as an excuse for not recognizing that something was wrong or amiss with my youngest son. I was working seven days a week, ten hours a day, taking care of a man that had Parkinson's disease and had zero verbal skills. I was also cleaning their clothes, house, as well as preparing their meals and hand feeding, and washing/grooming him, in addition to diaper changes. My son was seventeen years old when we experienced his first manic episode and he was hospitalized on a 51/50, which is a psych hold for seventy two hours. From there he was sent to a mental hospital where he remained hospitalized for three weeks. I was only allowed limited access to him while they were trying to stabilize his condition. I found endless writings about suicide and wanting to end it all. Ignorantly, I told him how selfish he was for even thinking about doing something like that. The look on his face as he heard me say that was almost as painful as knowing he had been contemplating suicide and I didn't even have a clue. "You don't think it's a bit selfish that you would rather have me be miserable and unhappy so long as you're happy!?" He said to me as his voice cracked. "I feel worthless, hopeless, useless, and like I am just a burden on you. I thought I could spare you and everyone else from having to deal with me losing my mind." I have often been known to not think before I speak, and this was by far, one of those times that I wish I could have, wished I would have, listened instead of speaking. We recently learned my eldest son also has bipolar disorder. I entered therapy and counseling when they did, so I could learn everything I could possibly learn about bipolar disorder disorders and I am hopeful that they will continue doing whatever they have to do to, and I will be there by their side, for as long as they need me, as we all grow and learn how to better manage and maintain our mental health. #learn #listen #Talk #empathize #EDUCATE

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