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I'm pretty shy when it comes to sharing my art, especially when it was made in a therapeutic attempt, but I figured if anyone else was gonna understand, it was y'all!

I love to draw meerkats in both realistic and fantasy-driven designs, and I have a particular knack for implementing them in my vent artwork, such as this one. It was drawn to exhibit the feeling of being overwhelmed with your own thoughts and emotions; I think we've all felt like the chaos we felt in our heads was prepared to just explode outwards.

I hope everyone likes it and maybe resonates with the theme to know they are not alone. Thanks for viewing. (:
(PS: meerkat--maniac is my deviantART account, hence the watermark.) #Depression #Anxiety #overwhelmed #Vent #Ventart #Ventart

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I had a panic attack today

Above is a picture I drew as a way to vent off the remaining anxiety in the aftermath. At first I felt suicidal, then came an anxious thought of how my dad might’ve died somehow since he’s been out all day, then came the panic and uncontrollable breathing. I’m glad I calmed down, but today was just awful altogether #PanicAttack #Art #Ventart #Myart #Anxiety #suicidal