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Broken 💔 from emotional abuse

#was not wanted and recently validated by my oldest brother. My abuser was my mom as I was growing up. Started with birth @ 1 1/2 pounds n very fragile. Died multiple times first years of my life. There were 4 more kids after me, one being baby sister that was adored by same mom.

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#was it me

I asked him to leave 5 weeks ago. Still I’m questioning what happened to me and why ? But the biggest question is why I allowed it to happen for so long ?



#was very shitty hot and human the pool did not open up because of this disease that was going around and just plain old the end and no sleep and pain 24 hours of pain

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To the Mighty Bushkin We made it trough the heat👍👍

We are doing the best we can #was a very hot day-but we did the best
I told Lily Bushkin I talked with my doctor and I just cannot keep taking the medication and he was actually very pleased and said Since my diagnosis is based on the pain and symptoms that it is fine to stop it now 🙏🙏♥️♥️👍👍⛵️⛵️☮️☮️🕷🕷⛵️⛵️If almost every person gets it here OKAY to stop it ♥️♥️♥️✝️✝️🕷⛵️⛵️😆❗️
Wishing you all a great sleep and feel the best we can -( Ate on the light side ✝️☮️👍♥️🙏

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This Bible #was a gift to me from a sweet woman from SC

My friend and SO Jim and I drove from here to SC to rescue a yellow Labrador knowing that she had very severe canine epilepsy and she and the dogs all had homemade stew with a handful of kibble.
Her epilepsy was not ever controlled and I finnally had to set her free and Charlotte sent me this wonderful bible and I love it . In my cleaning I found it and am very glad to have it as she had a thank you put on it in Gold and I treasure it and the wonderful memories of the trip in my all time favorite vehicle my F 250XL with an 8 foot bed and extended cab ❤️❤️❤️🐻♥️