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Any good support groups for anxiety here?

Hi, I'm new and awkwardly annoying. I love writing, research, over sharing, ice cream and making things better for people. My biggest flaw is using humor to ignore my problems. My novelization writing style is severely underappreciated and is currently punishable via threat of termination.

Please bear with me during this over dramatically written account. I will hold my questions until the end. My apologies as it has already made me delete my first few versions and several hours of work.

My imagination, apologizing and honesty has driven me into this, The Twilight Zone. I over corrected as communication is not what my corporate overlords wanted from me.

I am a thing to be used and nothing else. 1 or a 0 or a box to be ignored after being checked on once a year.

Once again I am surrounded by people but, I know that I am completely alone. If I share anything about anxiety it may humanize me. They might just understand why I am like this day after day.

I am to be just a body at a desk smiling like a robotic idiot. The customers will barely even register the scripted words falling flat. Going off script is encouraged to form a one sided relationship, everything you say as a customer is so interesting.

I know I need a new job, as I almost got fired for reasons that are absolutely laughable. If I disclose any details to anyone they'll fire me. I cannot work here knowing what I know now.

To them I am not important, I will never be important, and I am to be seen not heard. Standing up for myself and others will only lead to dismissal.

Currently looking at remote work from anywhere jobs. I think it will help but, will make my anxiety worse?

Any advice from people with experience working remotely with anxiety?

I'm medicated and trying to work independently through 3 cognitive behavioral therapy workbooks. I want to look at therapy but I don't think I can afford it. . . especially if I lose my job.

What if anything helps you cope with the people that refuse to understand or care?

Does anyone know of any good support groups?

#Anxiety #WorkAnxiety #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Complex Post Traumatic Stress #perfectionism #WorkAtHome #SupportGroups #phobias


Work at home startup

I decided to try working for myself as a proofreader. I reconstructed my website and had some business cards made. I am hoping this works out. #entrepreneur #WorkAtHome #Startup