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Entrepreneurs and Business Owners out there: how do you cope with mental illness or chronic pain while running your business? How do you maintain your wellness? What do you do when an episode strikes?

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So, it is late late late. And as I am pacing, waiting for my body to do its thing, etc etc I had an idea, but I have no idea how to execute this idea. I am looking for some fellow entrepreneurs who want to help me, help others! I have no idea where to even start so ANY advice would be amazing! #entrepreneur #help #Inventions #Pain #chronic #MentalHealth


Work at home startup

I decided to try working for myself as a proofreader. I reconstructed my website and had some business cards made. I am hoping this works out. #entrepreneur #WorkAtHome #Startup

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#AskMe about navigating employment with #ADHD!

Hello Mighties!

October is National ADHD Awareness Month and as those of us with ADHD know, finding and maintaining employment can be challenging.

As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist with ADHD one of my areas of specialization is career counselling and exploration.

This week, I’ll be answering your questions about how to navigate employment with ADHD!

You can also join me on Wednesday, October 30th at 3pm (AST) for my #Instagram live video to answer any questions you may have about ADHD and navigating #Employment!

#Career #Neurodiversity #entrepreneur #Work #Startup #MentalHealth

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BIG NEWS! I’ve been named a L’OREAL Paris Woman of Worth!

It’s official! I’m a 2019 L’OREAL Paris Woman of Worth!

And I need your vote!

10 finalists across the country have been chosen for this honor, and we each will receive a $10,000 donation to support our mission!

To decide who the ultimate Woman of Worth is, a national voting poll starts today! Being chosen as the Woman of Worth would award me an additional $25,000 to spread resources, support, and hope to families of babies with Down syndrome across the nation.

Can you help me spread more love to the Down syndrome community?

You can vote daily at womenofworth.com until November 15th.

May this be a reminder that no matter who you are or how you were born, anything is possible! Thank you all for making this honor possible for me. I’m supremely grateful for your support & love. ❤️

#CheerMeOn #DownSyndrome #Parenting #givingback #entrepreneur #nonprofit

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Hey there. I thought I would say hi 👋🏽
I am the face behind the blogs. I am Southern California girl (Simi Valley). I share my story about life as a mom of two teens, life as a retired Army Combat Veteran and a military spouse of over 21 years.
I know how it is to juggle life with your career. I know how it is so be a Soldier trying to fulfill your duties and as a spouse trying to support his career. I also know how it is to raise two children during meetings, daycare, deployments, field time, bosses who want all of your time. I have been there and done that. I also know how it is to go through a mid life crisis and cut all your hair off and dye it purple. Yup. Been there too.
My hair isn’t perfect but it’s mine. My makeup isn’t perfect either but I still put on my face. My clothes are comfy casual and it’s me.
Oh and I’m also an advocate for PTSD awareness for individuals and families because we live it firsthand. So this is me. This is us. This is my story. Want to talk? Need some advice? Reach out. I promise that you are not alone.

#entrepreneur #vetpreneur #blogger #storyteller #armyvet #PTSDawareness #Ptsdrecovery #advocate #MotivationalSpeaker #lifecoach #awildridecalledlife @militaryspousemag @militaryspouse @militaryfamiliesmagazine

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Be still

Some days are better than others.
Some days I would much rather stay in the bed and sleep away all the stuff I have to do. Some days I pray for peace and guidance to get rid of all those things going on in my head. All the worry. All the stress. All. The. Things.
BUT I get up anyway. I get up even if it is to make that new dinner recipe that has me kinda excited to try. I get up to make a lunch for my son to get him through a long day of a wrestling tournament. I get up to be with my pups.
I am learning to just be still and take a deep breathe. Sometimes that is all we can do and need to do.
Be still and let him do the rest. Be still and be thankful for another day.
We’ve got this. .
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