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Creativity is my sanity

I was reading through quite a few posts tonight and trying to see where I fit. I have multiple chronic illnesses. I have often said, fibromyalgia won’t kill you, but there are days you wish it would. 🙁 when I’ve had multiple days in a row of pain, depression, and all kinds of being not so fine, I always realize that I haven’t been creative in a while. Lately I’ve been painting my furniture. This one table spoke to me and I just had to zentangle it. When I zentangle my mind disengages from the pain, depression,
anxiety. It relaxes me so completely that I feel sleepy after a session. And I’m an insomniac! #knitting #crochet # embroidery #jewelry #cardmaking #Zentangle
#Fibromyalgia #sjogrens #Diabetes #HashimotosDisease #BreastCancer #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD

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Zentangle for fun & mental health and chronic pain. Helps me #ArtTherapy #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #Zentangle

Zentangle is an art process of mindful doodling. Has mental health and chronic pain benefits.

It can be done in bed or a recliner.

Zentangle links below

Here is a link to another post i did on Zentangle
Anyone else tried Zentangling (intentional meditative doodli...

The image on the back of my profile is a Zentangle i did. I am not a 'skilled artist' meaningvi cant do traditional stuff but this is easy

Zentangle. You don't need art skills. There is a clinical trial at i think UMass Medical School on the effects of Zentangle and several psycological and psychiatric disorders. Link at bottom.

Here are links to a few articles on it's mental health benefits. I put on music and try to do some every day.




I started with 2 books
The Great Zentangle Book
One Zentangle A Day

To learn the process. Then i search pinterest to find Zentangle Step Outs
(Instructions on specific Zentangle pattern)

I did several of each one on heavy card stock in a 2x2 square. Then i used a 2x3 craft punch from Amazon to cut two out.

One copy i put in clear baseball card sheets in a binder. The other i put in a Tupperware or shoe box.
I either flip through the binder to find inspiration or i draw 4-6 cards from the box and use them to make a Zentangle on a Zentangle Tile (a 4x4 cardstock).
I can feel overwhelmed choosing sometimes which is why I have the box
(It makes decisions for me)...but once i do it enough i will memorize how to create them and not need a visual aid.

Some people have great memories or creativity and just do what comes to mind.

Eni Oaken is an art instructor and has some great instruction material online.

Her Echolines is easier than (and be incorporated into) Zentangles.

Anyway this helps me and has scientific backing as therapeutic. I will put on some favorite music and go into a Zentangle. I'm not a traditional artist and you don't need art skills to do this.
I keep ones i have finished in a 4x6 clear photo album. It us kind of amazing to flip through and think 'I did that' in amazement.

I know this was a question about meds but i thought i would throw out some things that work synergistically or in lieu of...

It really just requires fine point black pens, a pencil (no eraser) and paper

You can step away from tradition and you can do them in any size or use markers and/or colored pencils or gel pens.

Eni Oken has a pdf on Ecolines which is fun and calming.

She has some cool vid lessons on Zentangle too

UMass Medical School Zentangle Study