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    #MightyArt #jewelry

    This is a presidential brass Dolar I forged into a ring 💍 these ones take an incredible amount of polishing. It’s near impossible to remove the carbon stain from this alloy. Still you can get them to shine, plus they have a nice rustic/antique look.

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    #jewelry #coping #Job #OCD #ADHD #Anxiety #Christian #Prayer #praise

    I am a jeweler but I don’t currently have the space to do my work until I get out of this limbo stage of being stuck in this apartment working with section 8 housing. Please be in #Prayer that I can find a place to stay where I can use this gift God has given me. I am grateful to God for giving me this skill with my hands, and hope to be able to use it again soon.


    #CopingWithAnxiety 14?!

    I have REALLY bad anxiety. I have abandonment anxiety, generalized anxiety, social anxiety and anxiety that produces such bad paranoia that I can't leave my bedroom. I've had all of these anxieties for as long as I can remember. However, I remember when I was around the age of 6 I started wearing rings because when I'm anxious, I fidget. Now, I'm 16 and wear anywhere between 5 and 14 rings (through out both hands) to make sure I always have something to fidget with, Not to mention the 5 bracelets(+), 3 hair ties(+), and 2 necklaces(+) I wear regularly. Is this bad? My last therapist told me it was a problem that I needed to work on. I never went back after she said that, but now I'm wondering if she was it bad that I wear the jewelry to help??








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    Creativity is my sanity

    I was reading through quite a few posts tonight and trying to see where I fit. I have multiple chronic illnesses. I have often said, fibromyalgia won’t kill you, but there are days you wish it would. 🙁 when I’ve had multiple days in a row of pain, depression, and all kinds of being not so fine, I always realize that I haven’t been creative in a while. Lately I’ve been painting my furniture. This one table spoke to me and I just had to zentangle it. When I zentangle my mind disengages from the pain, depression,
    anxiety. It relaxes me so completely that I feel sleepy after a session. And I’m an insomniac! #knitting #crochet # embroidery #jewelry #cardmaking #Zentangle
    #Fibromyalgia #sjogrens #Diabetes #HashimotosDisease #BreastCancer #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD


    Anxiety Jewelry #Anxiety #jewelry

    Hello. I am a jewelry M.A Student diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety. I have created a series of works called Jolly Jitter that portrait how it feels for me to live with anxiety and find other people that can resonate with it. I wanted to share my work with you. you for your time.