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    I’m always pretty tired. A couple days ago I was pretty busy, when I sat down I got this over intense exhaustion. Almost like uncontrollable urge to fall asleep. It freaked me out so bad I started panicking.

    Yesterday, I was really busy again around the house. Today I’ve also been really tired. It happened again when this uncontrollable tiredness hit and I felt like I was falling asleep. Again, made me panic.

    does anyone else experience this? #Fatigue #hashimotos #GravesDisease #AutoimmuneDisease #Undiagnosed #HashimotosDisease

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    Community Voices

    Creativity is my sanity

    <p>Creativity is my sanity</p>
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    Constantly Tired

    My doctor said my labs for thyroid hormone are good. I'm still tired.

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    Community Voices

    I’m done being patronized by my doctors. Watching them shrug their shoulders when I come in with a symptom that the numbers don’t justify. Maybe this is a good thing. No one can tell me why my immune system is killing me from the inside out. Just an oh well live with it. The screeching in my head is nonstop but I’ve accepted there is no cure, no relief. The pain is always there. Always on the right side even tho I’m dominantly left handed (that was good for shrugs from several doctors). Fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, you know the list. My body is done. My mental state can’t take it anymore. Again maybe giving up is a good thing. If I stop looking for answers and remission, maybe it will get bored with me and go away. A girl can’t dream right? Oh yeah insomnia duh.

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    Does anyone suffer from lots of different types of chest pain and discomfort? It is being investigated but no answers. #HashimotosDisease

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    Heavy pressure on my chest, shoulders weighted down.

    Nausea which stops when I eat but returns soon after...

    That physical feeling like I have not eaten all day. 

    Blank stares into space, returning soon after, don’t know where I have been. 

    Restless mind...there in spirit

    Aches and pains

    Out of breath, catching a breath

    Please don’t ring, I can’t talk

    Can’t focus, don’t understand

    Heavy head, lump in throat

    Eyes sore, blink blink

    Confused...not sure what about

    What was I doing, I can’t remember

    Can’t see through the fog…

    ...there in spirit