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Social phobia

I’m scared of people, I fear that they are out to get me.
I have isolated myself from all my family and all but two of my friends. I have a job but it’s hard to stay calm when others are around.
I feel like I have to put on a mask, to play normal. When I tell them my true feelings they laugh or look at me as if I’m from another planet. #alien


When you were growing up, did you believe you were an alien? If so, why? And do you still think so today? #alien #strange #Pain #different


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Life Is Stranger Than Fiction #Life #alien #fungus #Eek !

Found this little lifeform living in some woods near me. Does it worry about stuff? Who knows but it seemed content enough with it's lot. 😊🦕☘🙄🤓

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Awake in Roswell. Sky Tonite. #roswell #roswellnm #alien #

Wondering how odd is it that Roswell is none of that to me. Just what it is to me Roswell, NM USA. Just like the radio station guys say. #roswell #roswellnm
#DependentPersonalityDisorder #HepaticEncephalopathy


Is This Me? #strangerinastrangeland

I'm 48 & half the time I still don't recognize the person I see in the mirror. My body doesn't feel like mine, but like a holographic avatar in a really bad 3D movie about my life. Either that, or it all feels like the stereo of life is turned up to max and everyone is literally in my face - trust me, I live a quiet life, and even quiet feels too loud. Being healthier feels impossible because this body really doesn't feel like 'mine'.  Secret is, it never has.... (Undiagnosed, BTW, bc I'm afraid they'll tell me I'm 'normal')
#CheckInWithMe #Depersonalization , #alien ,

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Anthropophobia is said to be the fear of interacting with people - not being around crowds, but the interaction itself. Am I the only one?

I've always struggled with fear when interacting with others. I struggle with: what people say & don't say and what it means and when, how much eye contact is too much, why can't we just come out and say things (I am blunt to a fault). I feel better interacting with someone who comes across as insensitive than I do interacting with someone polite. I feel like I'm too old to still be trying to figure this out.  #alien , #strangerinastrangeland ,

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