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👽🌍Do you believe in aliens, other life forms in the universe? In other galaxies.🪐🌍🌌

Just comment...I want to knew what people believe... #Aliens

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Awake in Roswell. Sky Tonite. #roswell #roswellnm #alien #

Wondering how odd is it that Roswell is none of that to me. Just what it is to me Roswell, NM USA. Just like the radio station guys say. #roswell #roswellnm
#DependentPersonalityDisorder #HepaticEncephalopathy

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My personality coming out after detoxing from cymbalta

I’m a big fan of alien movies. I felt this is relative to what’s going on with me now , a little scary and funny. P.S I added the smiley face #Aliens #personality #Memes #detox #Antidepressants

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Feeling scared, helpless and alone

So this is my first time posting. What I have to say can be down right next to the impossible to imagine but it happened to me. It’s been going on for the 4th year now and I’m constantly scared for my life and never know what my day is going to entail. I was abducted by an unseen force when my ex boyfriend and I saw ufos outside above our house. He was allowed to go inside and I was not. Everyday this unseen force communicates with me and puts me down with negativity and controls and manipulates my life. Everyone thinks I’m either crazy or have schizophrenia but I’m not. It’s a real thing and it’s been happening to me. Everyday I pray and hope they will go away but they don’t. They cause my body to have chronic pain in ways you can’t imagine. Everyday I’m scared for my life and wonder what I’m going to be forced to do and go through for the day and wonder how many days am I going to go through that certain scenario. I’ve been abducted and it’s not anything you would think it would be. It’s constant and ever changing cycle of pain has me feeling scared, alone, vulnerable and pained. I don’t know what to do and don’t always know how to feel better. Even crying at times is impossible to do. I’ve been abducted and I want nothing more than to feel like a regular person again. Please if you don’t believe me I understand. I never would have believed it except it happened to me and now I live my life in fear and not knowing what’s going to take place next. I’m scared. #ChronicPain #Abduction #scared #Schizophrenia #sad #alone #strong #suffering #Entities #Aliens #Pain


#ChronicPain #Fatigue #Abduction #Aliens #Loneliness

I’m tired of explaining to everyone that I’ve been abducted by aliens. I keep hearing they’re not real that I can over power them. I get annoyed hearing that I can control them instead of them controlling me. I’ve seen two ufo’s and ever since then I’ve been sick. I’ve been labeled as schizophrenic because no one believe all the scenarios I’ve told them to show proof.

Plus on top of having no self control because of the aliens I also have endometriosis pain. So I live with the fact that I’ve been abducted and deal with chronic pain and fatigue. Everyone tries to tell me what to do because they don’t know what it’s like being abducted.