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Managed to get to my PT appt

My caregiver came back today for few hours and oh my goodness was I glad!
#anxiett Y was brewing this morning.
Been managing lots of idle time this week.
#chronic pain #Distract me #positive thoughts #check in with me #using grounding techniques and distraction techniques to get through the week ##breast cancer survivor,#seasonal affective ##Drinking lots of water #
Getting ready to watch some TV and relax.
Signing off mighties


#CheckInWithMe #anxiett

So today was frustrating.. my son's best friends parents came to my house asking for help and while I don't mind I try to get my stuff done in the morning so that in the afternoon I can chill and get ready for everyone to get home and I can cook etc..but while they were here they we're arguing and I almost had an anxiety attack.. I was like please stop.. and I started cleaning and trying to keep busy.. I finally left my house to avoid them.. it was just too much

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