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#check -in Time: #Christians On #TheMighty

Well, let me check-in with you all. Currently, I am walking through yet another tough season. Without much detail, I am medically better but unemployed due to a work injury. Had an employment interview scheduled today but the interviewer failed to arrive at the virtual interview. Nice.😞! The day turned into a somewhat emotionally draining day after that experience.

However, after a brief analysis, I find that I still seek to become someone who gains praises from others. This trait is revealed each time I happen upon some social media site or even hear a Christian speaker or musician introduced. The verbal resumes full of accomplishments tend to breed one foundational reaction in me: coveting!

This coveting is often revealed in prayers like, “Lord, when will I reach my destiny” or “Father, I can’t wait to be released to reach the masses…for your glory.” Riiiight.

My coveting prayers are not voiced in those exact words. But I truly slide into a place of despair when I start my comparisons with those “celebrity” followers of Christ. As Christ reminds of his fate on this earth as I think of the upcoming holiday: Easter, which has nothing to do with sugary bunny rabbit treats. 😉!

Actually, asking God the Father and The Christ to make me a famous “Christ-like” person is a bit ironic considering his “famous” death allows me the luxury of even conversing with the Most Holy Lord. Hmmm? Christ celebrity status was based on him giving up his status…right?🤔

So, after relaxing, I hop on this site. Share my heart. Expose my inward drive, fueled often by competition, that is really the driving motivation urging me to be like Christ, in front of others, according to my will being done. No condemnation, really. I am just tired of me pouting about another’s life even after reading Jesus’s last words in the book of John: paraphrasing- Peter, if I ask him to do something what is that to you??? 😉!

I hope my shared thoughts stir others to dialogue with me, in the comments, as we walk through life together, facing the storms, whilst remaining close to #TheMighty One! I could handle your prayers for peace and employment. ❤️

#Anxiety #Recovery #insecurity #unemployment #Christianity #TheChrist #Easter #Resurrection #christ -like #Humility

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So ashamed

#check in with me
Imessed up realy bad and feel like all the lies about myself are true. What if I'm taking up oxygen some good person needs. Don't feel like taking any healthy steps. I deserve to feel worthless. This sucks!! How does anyone live with shame. Normally "the worst thought" is abstract. It semms like my only option right now #check in with me

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How does this #check works?

Hello, I am new and trying to work out how this Mighty communities work :) What is this my life is quite lonely because of a number of health problems, so weird that i can't even mention them to most people, so even when I feel up to going out (which is not often) I can't share anything personal. My #MentalHealth 'hasn't been that great lately, and I am afraid I am getting an actual #Depression ou have a ton of health problems that might take away your life you can't get #depressed , you just can't. So I am here :) can you please recommend me any nice groups here for a chat or sharing experiences? thanks


Extremely exhausted

Practiced self care part of the day to prepare working on phone issues again. Don't understand all this tech stuff .
Just ate last of my homemade split pea soup, tastes even better on second day.
I have a friend coming over Sunday afternoon whose mom just got cancer diagnosis. Very tough time for my friend who's going to online college classes for social worker. I want to be able to help her through this. I need good thoughts for both my friend and her mom. As a cancer survivor I'm going to need positive energy to help them .
#daily reflections and journal, #chronic pain, #Fibromyalgia , #Bipolar , #Distract me, #check in with me, #Thought of the day
Thanks mighties for being here.


Thursday evening

Tense times! Some people have to always be RIGHT! No attempt at correcting that belief, they hear nothing from anyone!
#check in with me, #Distract me, #chronic pain, #Fibromyalgia , ##Survivor , #fighter , #positethougtsofthe da,
Rambling so going to sign off mighties. Take care and thanks for being here.

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Hectic day

Total confusion of appts and other things due to the holiday. Too many people taking extra days off further messing up my schedule.
My caregiver and I made potatoes n ham n cheese dish in the oven . We went for a good walk late today. Been pretty cold last few days and nights. Lots of thick fog!
My MH peer support person is back from vacation tomorrow so we meet and walk to store to check Lucky Number Tuesday. I've won something 3 times since October. Best prize was a salad shooter machine. Makes some chores of meal prep much quicker. Grated a block of parmesan cheese 🧀 little bit ago. Still have my knuckles 🤣.
Distraction was a good tool for me today. It helps me manage among the stress and anxiety sometimes.
#chronic pain#Fibromyalgia ,#Anxiety ,#Bipolar ,#Depression ,#chronic illnesses,#positive thoughts,#daily reflections and journal,#check in with me,#Distract me,#52 small things

Thanks mighties for the listen and signing off. Enjoy your night, morning whatever!


Quiet Sunday

Did some kitchen chores but took walk@8a in 35 degree weather to turn in bottles and cans for money 💰💰.Used my salad shooter machine to slice lots of carrots. Enjoyed the down time. Refilled hummingbirds feeder. No Stress!.
My goal for this weekend was self care and I succeeded. Did get my bed stripped and remade. My caregiver has Thursday off for the holiday. She dyes my hair MAGENTA about every 6 weeks, before my haircut. Going to see if we can do it tomorrow.
Reason I do MAGENTA is that I am 17 yr Breast Cancer Survivor. It makes me feel better.
#positive thoughts,#chronic pain,#chronic illnesses,#Fibromyalgia ,#Bipolar ,#check in with me,#Distract me,#mighty together,#lets talk Depression,#daiy reflections and journal,#Nourishment bistro,
Happy to be a mighty!. A place to share experiences with others that "get it".
Thank you mighties for being here.
Signing off, take care!


Friday 😄🤣😄

#chronic pain, #Distract me,#daily reflections and journal,#Fibromyalgia ,#seasonal affective,#Bipolar ,#Thoughts of the Day,#check in with me,#mighty together, positive quote,
So glad it's Friday night and no obligations next two days. Finish healing my achy feet.
Went to my art group this morning and it was a great relief, change of pace. Finished a cat picture I've been coloring on for several weeks.
She looks great in her new colors!
Took care of some big phone calls
I'm going to practice self care thru the
Signing off mighties.
Thanks for being here 🙂😊.



Beautiful Wednesday

Very cool morning but SUN came to visit. My caregiver and I went to my appointment then some errands, one to a special bakery- Liberated Bakery. Gluten Free baked goods! I save up bottle money from residents in my building just to buy my treats.
We came home and got busy cooking Spanish rice, and meatloaf.
I got a turkey 🦃 for the holiday but too much for me so I gave it to my caregiver. She's cooking for many people.

I'm finally feeling better after getting back on medication that was stopped to aid in my booster vaccine working better but I got horribly sick with chronic pain in my feet joints to the point of not being able to walk .
I'm back in action!
#positivevthoughts , #chronic illnesses, #daily reflections and journal, ##Distract me, #check in with me, #Bipolar ,#Anxiety , #grateful ,
Thanks to all the mighties here.
Signing off.