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    You may have PTSD/CPTSD if…

    So I’ve noticed those with CPTSD and PTSD often report similar experiences. I hadn’t realized how typical my own were until I read others stories. So I thought I’d make a list of common shared experiences in those with PTSD/CPTSD…

    #1 Your abusers and told you the abuse was normal and everyone does it ergo you’re being dramatic.

    #2 You blamed yourself without even realizing it. Let’s face it we don’t walk away thinking it’s our fault clear as day. That’s illogical. But we walk away with doubts that eventually dig into our heads while we’re not even paying attention. The next thing we know we think we’re inherently bad and deserving of being treated as such.

    #3 You switch back and forth from having sympathy for you’re abuser to believing they’re evil incarnate.

    #4 You wonder if you’re too damaged to think for yourself. If you don’t have experience in what’s right then can you know what’s wrong?

    #5 You avoid watching any movies or tv shows with extremely painful emotional expressions yet are strangely drawn to them.

    #6 You wake up feeling panic and/or anxiety and expecting something terrible to happen to you every day.

    #7 You struggle to set necessary boundaries with others because you worry they’ll reject you. Perhaps you feel you’re not worthy of boundaries.

    #8 You don’t trust anyone and struggle with emotional intimacy. Perhaps you feel scared everyone is going to hurt you.

    #9 You have chronic migraines, irritable bowels, and/or body aches all the time.

    #10 You need to be in control of everything at all times so you know what’s up. Even things that to others seems inconsequential.

    #PTSD #CPTSD #Trauma #Abuse

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    Facemask #where you need to wear ur face mask

    <p>Facemask <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="where" href="/topic/where/" data-id="5d2d9166a76f1600cfb2e82d" data-name="where" aria-label="hashtag where">#where</a>  you need to wear ur face mask</p>
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    Grandma of #5

    <p>Grandma of <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="5" href="/topic/5/" data-id="5c7b1f64d3ff9600d4b3d93f" data-name="5" aria-label="hashtag 5">#5</a> </p>
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    The Mighty’s Top 10 Most-Read Stories of 2021: #5

    <p>The Mighty’s Top 10 Most-Read Stories of 2021: <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="5" href="/topic/5/" data-id="5c7b1f64d3ff9600d4b3d93f" data-name="5" aria-label="hashtag 5">#5</a> </p>
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    What do you need to hear on bad migraine days?

    <p>What do you need to hear on bad <a href="https://themighty.com/topic/migraine/?label=migraine" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce9c00553f33fe997c0a" data-name="migraine" title="migraine" target="_blank">migraine</a> days?</p>
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    I am not sure I want to hear answers to this post especially if derogatory or negative but I need to get this off my chest. I have been carrying this around for a long time. 16 years.

    I was severely sick and manic, hallucinating and I got involved with someone else. I have never been on drugs or alcohol but this person was. (Don't worry, I never did any.) Anyway, I was abused by the person repeatedly for 3 months or so. I eventually gave in to my hallucinations and suicidal ideation and went in to the hospital. I was first diagnosed with unipolar depression. They put me on an antidepressant. This was awful. I then spiraled out of control once in the hospital. They finally released me. I had 5 people's phone numbers. I called all. No one answered until #5 . Now #5 was just as evil and abusive as the first person. Maybe worse. This person took me across state lines, me sort of willing due to being fragile and sick. I was hurt by this person physically and emotionally. Fast forward 16 years: i have been with my wife for 29 years despite these things. Last night when I finally fell asleep, I dreamed about her cheating on me and this dream spiraled me out if control. I have had this dream before. I acted hysterically today, crying, texting my wife. She assured me that I was paranoid. I just started thinking about what I did and what my mania did to her and me. I can't forgive myself for leaving her or enduring the emotional and physical pain I put my self through. Mania surfaces sometimes (bipolar 1...what do you expect?) even with medication and therapy. I have still done some things I am not proud of and that I feel is reliving my abuse. I have messaged the first abuser over and over when in that state of mania. I think I texted the person 42 times in one day over the course of 7 months. So I am sure it was a horrendous amount. The person is in jail. They have never been read as far as I know. I am ashamed of this. I am confused by my actions. I am terrified of my actions. My obelsessions had gotten so bad, I felt the compulsion to do this. My wife knows I felt obsessed but did not know I messaged this person and in the quanity that I did. I don't know how to proceed with any of this. My wife says, "this is in the past. Leave it there." But as we all know, this creeps up and flashbacks start, questions arise, confusion sets in, an apology feels required, and all of the sanity I have goes out the window. I constantly encourage thoughts of this other person more so than #5 . I feel attached to this other person. I can't escape this person. I am reminded and triggered by this person and despite of the abuse, I still feel like I need answers and ultimately love and the same attachment that I feel, I want from this person. Someone help me with your kind words, wisdom, experiences that could possibly be similar. My therapist is new. I keep firing old ones. This one knows nothing about my past and the extreme issues I face!

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    Community Voices

    Starting with a new therapist...again

    So I'm on to therapist #5 since last September. The one I've been seeing for the past five weeks was really disorganized and prioritized her methods over my personal needs, so I decided to move on. It's really exhausting to try to find a therapist!!
    So I filled out the intake form this morning and, probably predictably, started feeling anxious and triggered as I wrote out the basics of my issues again. Now thinking about the session tomorrow, I'm not feeling great either - hard to concentrate, mildly dizzy, stiff neck, hard to get breath, etc. I'm not consciously nervous about it (partly because I'm not expecting much at this point), but I think it's just the expectation of being asked to talk about my trauma to another stranger again.
    I really hope this one sticks...

    #Therapy #Newtherapist #Again #startingover #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #Upallnight #CheckInWithMe

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    What are your thoughts on using 5-HTP?

    Hi there. I am undiagnosed butI have been feeling low mood poor sleep, poor self care and procrastinating a lot at work for more than five years, if I remember correctly. There were months when I even felt symptoms of anxiety and depression but Ido not have a proper diagnosis yet. I just recently out about this natural supplement called 5-HTP. It is believed to boost serotonin levels and aid in good sleep and calm emotions.

    It's being sold as a food supplememt in our place that's why I'm willing to try it on very low doses. I know it is not advisable to self-medicate but at this point, I am willing to try anything available to bring my mental health to a better state. What are your thoughts or experience about this? Are there any worrying side effects that I should know before I start taking this?

    #DepressionSymptoms #Anxiety #5 -HTP #supplements

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    Meme #5

    <p>Meme <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="5" href="/topic/5/" data-id="5c7b1f64d3ff9600d4b3d93f" data-name="5" aria-label="hashtag 5">#5</a> </p>
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