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Ok. This is a little long but is worth reading.
Please look up "ASMR".
(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).
The Earth has a magnetic core. It emits magnetic waves. These waves have a positive charge, called positive ionisation.
A waterfall creates a negative charge, called negative ionisation.
Where the negative meets the positive, there is equilibrium.
Yin/yang. ☯️ Harmony.
It is very easy to test. Two magnets will pull together when opposite poles come into contact. Two poles of the same charge result in repulsion.
The magnetic charge may be invisible but is clearly there.
So, close the bathroom door but leave a window slightly open (it is vital to be slightly cool (!) Pour the hot water into the bath.
Sit down on the floor, with your back to the bath and your head near the taps. Close your eyes. Breathe in the steam.
Try the Taoist approach: clear your mind of all external concerns. At first, your mind will wander. No problem. Just reign it in again. Concentrate on withdrawing into yourself. Let the waterfall soothe you. Concentrate on the sound of the water and let your breathing slow down.
Practice! And practice!
You can experience a true "ASMR" state of "Brain Tingles" throughout your whole body as it tunes in to the harmony of the meeting of positive and negative ionisation, resulting in waves of tingles and goosebumps.
The experience is just truly amazing! Intense peace.
For me, "ASMR" relies on a total absence of visual input.
But here is the most amazing thing: the brain processes new experiences and stores them for later reference. (Look up amygdala and hippocampus.)
If you practice enough with the bath (or a real waterfall if you are lucky enough to have access to one!) you can also trigger a true "ASMR experience" by playing a recording of a waterfall, or bathtub filling" (plenty of apps for this). You will be able to meditate for an hour if need be. Wherever you like. As many times etc.....
As I am doing now!
Am I serious? Oh yes! I have only just discovered that many people experience "ASMR".
Do you?
To anyone else, please take this concept and make it work any way you can.
No. This is not "fake news" or "bs". I wouldn't waste my time.



Do you experience this too?! Thought it a freaky thing that just happened to me!


Does anyone enjoy mediation, hypnosis, relaxation videos/music etc, but sometimes feel so anxious that doing them actually makes you feel worse? #Anxiety

#Anxiety #Depression #Meditation #ASMR #Hypnosis #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder



When you feel so tired but you can't sleep. It's 2:40am here in Canada and I can't sleep so I'm listening to ASMR to relax. #Insomnia #Cantsleep #ASMR


I’m scared #BipolarDisorder

I’ve been recently diagnosed with bipolar II. I’m on a medication called #Abilify which seemed to be working for the first week. And now I feel it’s not. I’m on 6mg a day until I see my dr in a week. What I’m scared about is my episodes have come back. I understand that will happen until my body becomes used to it. I watch #ASMR videos every night before bed and it helps with my sleeping.
But it’s not just the episodes. It’s the bad thoughts. The feeling of becoming detached from reality. It’s mostly at work this happens. My safe place is my home (with my dogs lol) my family is being supportive and doing their best to help. But I’m scared of regressing.


Daily Gratitude #52SmallThings #Gratitude #ASMR

The 3 things I am grateful for today:

Helpful people: strangers who are genuinely interested in assisting you. I know they are doing their jobs, but the admissions counselor I’ve been working with to get back to school has been so helpful and checks in on me often to make sure I’m on track and not having any issues. It’s more than I can say for people in my life lol.

Podcasts: you can find a podcast for just about every topic! I listen to them while driving to and from work, housecleaning, etc. I’ve learned so much from grr ones I’ve been listening. It makes me feel good!

ASMR videos: they help me relax so I can fall asleep quickly. I also use them when I’m anxious and just need to relax.