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    Lower Abilify dose


    Has lowering abilify helped with making anyone's flatness/flat feeling less flat?

    I have no idea what disorder I have, but I know I struggle with extreme depression and anxiety

    My psychiatrist had me go down from 10mg to 5mg of abilify. Just curious if anyone has noticed a difference in themselves when on a lower dose.

    #Abilify #Depression #Anxiety


    Has anyone switched from Abilify to Latuda for Bipolar 1? #Bipolar1Disorder #Latuda #Abilify

    My psychiatrist is concerned that abilify is causing metabolic syndrome in me, and is looking to switch my medications. My concern is that Latuda wouldn’t help me as someone who doesn’t suffer from bipolar depression. Am I justified? Or does latuda have mood stabilizing properties? #Bipolar1Disorder #Abilify #Latuda


    I’m new here and seeing a new doc who prescribed a med for ruminating thoughts. What’s that mean? Anyone else have that too?

    #newbie #Abilify #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #Insomnia #ruminatingthoughts


    Worried I May Have Been Misdiagnosed at some point#Bipolar2Disorder #Anxiety #Depression #Zoloft #Abilify

    I just had therapy this morning and my therapist noted again that I seemed up and down emotionally during the session. I will note than recently I was in the process of tapering off Abilify which was not successful because after 3 weeks I just couldn't handle withdrawal symptoms and the increase in anxiety. A week ago I went back on my regular dose of Abilify. In the last few days, I have been experiencing mild-moderate depressive symptoms. Mainly low mood, lack of focus etc.

    My therapist has noted in our last two sessions that I'm up and down emotionally. It may be unnecessary worry but I'm concerned that sometime in the past I may have been misdiagnosed. I've had a diagnosis of major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder/panic disorder for many years. I'm wondering if instead of depression there's a possibility that it's actually bipolar 2.

    I was curious so I searched for information online about bipolar 2 and there are a few symptoms that sound like some of what I have experienced. Believe me I'm not taking the possibility of being misdiagnosed lightly, I'm actually concerned.

    I don't know if I'm just acclimating back to Abilify or if somehow the smaller dose of Abilify that I was tapering on somehow uncovered symptoms of bipolar.

    I'm trying not to ruminate on the situation which is why I decided to post. Thank you for reading.


    Tapering off Abilify #Abilify #Tapering #Anxiety #Depression #Antidepressants

    Last week I saw my psychiatrist and it was decided that I would try tapering off Abilify. I'm on a fairly low dose so I wasn't expecting to have many issues. Fast forward three days into tapering and I have had headaches w/light and sound sensitivity for three days and pain relievers are barely helping. I also feel incredibly flat emotionally. Last night I couldn't sleep even though I take trazadone every night to help with that.

    I'm not quite sure what to do at this point. While I wouldn't mind having one less medication to take is it really worth feeling this cruddy to get to that point? Anyone have any insight or advice?


    To abilify or to not.

    So I was prescribed abilify for my bipolar disorder today however after reading the pamphlets and the information online from google im not so sure I want to take it. I don’t have any of these side effects and I don’t want them. So now I have doubts about taking this medication. Does anyone in the community have insights into this medication that they want to share? #Abilify


    Has anyone had their wisdom teeth removed and opted for general anesthesia while on bipolar meds? How was your recovery?

    #BipolarDisorder #Abilify I’m planning on having a conversation with both my oral surgeon and my psychiatrist about my concerns but I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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    Moved across country now to change #MentalHealth clinic after same one for 15 yrs.

    I’m stressing pretty bad tonight. I recently moved from Mobile, Alabama to Denver, Colorado. Tomorrow I have my first mental health appointment at the local clinic. I will be getting my usual meds refilled and my #Abilify injection. That part is not scary-that’s a good thing actually. What’s scary is having to go somewhere I’ve never been, be treated by front desk ppl/nurses/doctors that I’ve never met, and having to figure out where everything is and who everyone (the staff helping me) is. I have #Agoraphobia so all of this really amps up my agoraphobia symptoms. I am so scared about tomorrow that I #Cantsleep tonight. It’s almost 2am and I’m wide awake. I don’t know what to do to ease this. I’ve never changed my mental health #treatment team/facility/routine. I’m also worried about not seeing a therapist until May, and I’m worried what if me and the new therapist don’t match? I am trying to rationalize all of this-but do I sound like I’m overreacting? What would y’all do? How to not only get through my first appointment with them tomorrow, but how to find the normalcy and comfortablility in this whole situation?

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    When is the best time to take meds like Abilify and Sertraline? In the am or pm?

    #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarDisorder #Abilify #Sertraline #Zoloft


    Abilify or seroquel?

    So I have recently been diagnosed and I'm about to start meds as soon as possible. Because of my age only a very small number of antipsychotics are licensed for my use, therefore I'm going to on either aripiprazole (abilify) or quetiepine (seroquel). I know there is a difference in the side effects, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with either of these two or just being in antipsychotics, preferably atypical, in there adolescence. Apologies for any spelling mistakes and any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks xx
    #BipolarDisorder #Antipsychotics #Abilify #seroquel #Aripiprazole #Quetiapine