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The future

Hello, people. I'm Aurelie, I was diagnosed asperger this year and I feel like it just completely changed my life.

I couldn't preview a happy uture with most of the people that used to surround me; deep down, I would resent myself for being so different.

But now, I'm learning to embrace it with pride and care.

I wish that all of us would take pride in our differences. But I also know that in most societies recquiring some sort of uniformity, being unique, different can be wrongly seen as a nuisance; although we can pursue change and evolve ourselves.

I want to keep believing that I can bring the best of myself for this world.

I pray you do to.

#Asperger #lifechange #Autism


Asperger - being normal

Hello, team. Lately, my mom has planned a meeting with a psychiatrist and I want to cancel it.

I was the one who mentioned the psychiatrist but I realized, I don't want to see one.

I have plans for my life that are very different from most of the people's who have been in my life until some years ago. When I learned that I was asperger, it has been a relief to me.

But now, I also realize that I need to live differently from other people. I realize that I'll be treated differently in some places, and I don't like it.

I hate being noticed for my autism. I don't like it. It granted me a great gift for creativity but I don't want to feel concerned by people pointing out my weird, unique habits.

I want to be praiseworthy. I want to be praised for being different.

#Autism #Asperger

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Grieving a relationship

Hello guys. I’m Aurelie and I had a good relationship with my brother. But then, he started changing, from someone I could rely on, to someone who would be condescending towards me, then, he would be criticizing of the smallest stuff and would even call me a liar.

I never really had a close healthy male role model and he had always protected me. Then he changed and I lost again this sense of security.

How do you deal with feeling sad like your heart is sinking? Why do I feel this way? Why? It’s been some time but my heart remembers how I felt up til today, especially since I saw him again.

Why can’t I let go?

#Asperger #Grief #relationship

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My dream

Hi ! I’m Aurelie and I’d love to talk to you about my dream that is to become a webcomics illustrator and author ! I’m on the middle of drawing my own story, as I’ve always had this thing for telling stories in the bus in high school !

Telling, inventing stories has always made my life more colorful and I’m working to make it a career.

Perseverance is the key, I think. I’ll do it until I succeed.

I pray you do not give up on the dreams that make your life colorful and lively cause the world needs us to be more aware and happy and relieved 😌

#Dream #Autism #Asperger


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Hi guys. I found out that I was autistic asperger and I feel weird about it as I've noticed, well I actually knew deep down, I have an obsessive compuslive disorder : this obsession for small things to turn into perfection and I'm not sure what to do with it.

I have great creativity, I'm working onf finishing my own web comics, do something that I'm proud of.

And I decided that it's okay not to feel okay about it.

I don't want to obsess over every things.

How do you handle your day when you feel like not every piece of your life is set straight? What do you do to allow yourself imperfection?

Cause we truly are and it's beautiful. It's one of the main themes of my webcomics : draw imperfectly.

What do you think?

#obsessivedisorder #Autism #Asperger

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How to put yourself first

Hey, guys ! Recently, I’ve been thinking about what it means to put yourself first. I’m asperger and it means that I deal with different daily stuff that are just weird to deal with ; it also grants me great creativity which I.m grateful for and it also means dealing with situations I’d rather not deal with;

But when I draw, I can praise myself about being asperger, it gives me strength.

What is it that made you recently remember to be proud of yourself?

#Autism #Asperger

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Hi ! I'm Aurelie, asperger, and aspiring artist, I'm writing my own web comic and I have a question; how do you face uncertainty?

I've felt uncertain about things in my life; I live in a rural place and I wish I could share my love for storytelling with lots of people.

What do you do when life feels uncertain like, you focus on the fact that there are things that are out of our control?

Thanks for your answers !

#Uncertainty #Doubt #Asperger #Autism

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Aiming to be a graphic artist

Hello, kids! I was diagnosed with asperger 4 months ago and it has been a riot of feelings, trying to understand everything.

It explains a lot. I have been told that my creative intelligence is also very high, more than 98 % percent of people's.

I've been encouraged to see it as a gift and a gift is what I'm hoping to provide through my very much treasured project : a comic book, a graphic book with a wonderful story through my beautiful witch named Quina.

I know that there aremany struggles regarding autism. For living some of them right now, it's not simple. But I've been praised for my art and I believe in myself.

I'm very gentle, kind, I pay attention to the small lives around me, observing and learning so much. I'm someone to be proud of and I want to remember it.

To you who is doubtul of the best of you, know that I can doubt with you. But I can also believe with you and I pray that we make the best of the time we are granted to live on Earth in this wide, beautiful universe.

You are also my light. Let's shine together. #Positivity #Autism #Asperger #Believe #artist

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Autistic Image In A Cracked Mirror


#Asperger 's Syndrome #PDD -nos

Forrest Bezotte, and others, I invite all of you to see how disturbed my Autistic self is by watching my previous recordings of and future live streaming video feeds at my YouTube channel; Indeterminate Origin. Those are real tears!