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Thoughts that Control

How do I put into words what my thoughts bring to me? There were times were my therapist in the past would tell me that all feelings come from thoughts.

But what if what you're feeling can inspire what you are thinking instead? Humm.

Today I thought about my memorial day weekend. Yesterday was good because I went food shopping. It was amazing because I did not "freak out" at the store. Usually I order my groceries and pick them up, but otherwise when I go with someone to grocery shop I do not feel bad. What did you guys do over the weekend???

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Is there a balance? #BPD #CheckInWithMe

I arrived yesterday from my hometown, it helps me to get grounded and feel like I belong somewhere and not everything is an absurd. I remember something from a song of Dido it says “I don’t know what will happen, but I know I have to stay”. That’s what I feel on my hometown. But now in the city everything is gettin overwhelming again. #Songs #badtimes #absurd