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    What parts of your identity do you wish were more represented in health care?

    Our Mighty editorial staff talks a lot about how, in general, health care isn’t very nuanced. For example, there are specialists who are neurologists, but there aren’t as many neurologists who primarily treat in Latinx patients. Another example would be a trauma-informed therapist who has PTSD themselves.

    A lot of the time, those nuances are what would make medical care so much more personalized, safe, and effective.

    So we open the floor: What parts of your identity do you wish were more represented in health care? Race? Gender? Lifestyle? Sexual preference? Age? Religion?

    📣 P.S. If you’ve had a really amazing experience with a medical professional, medical facility, or support group who specialized in or represented a specific intersection, we’d love to hear about it!

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    Any BIPOC adopted people here?

    I am still plagued by not fitting in with the Latinx community or with my upbringing; white family. I constantly feel like I am looked to by Caucasian friends as an inadvertent token. But, yes am white cultured in so many ways-just let eveyone down. My mental health issues just creep into any type of social justice participation, eventually leading me to believe I have no right to express any opinion on the matter. Just fuck up everything and every moment. I’m not sure I explained that correctly, but I know this feels like a safe place. #POC #BIPOC #Anxiety #LGBTQIA #Adoption

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    Hey everybody! I’m Matt Rivera, an actor and mental health advocate. Here to answer any questions for this #AskMe anything forum to talk about...

    ▪️ Navigating rigid cultural attitudes within your BIPOC household or immediate family to discuss mental heath
    ▪️ Speaking out and relating to generational differences
    ▪️ How to reach out to friends or ask for help from your support circle to discuss mental health
    ▪️ BIPOC mental health or experiences of discrimination or micro-aggressions you’ve encountered

    #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #BIPOC #POC #Asian #PacificIslander #AsianAmerican