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Since you all loved the photo of him the other day… I present - Loki being cute.

As I said, you all loved my beautiful Loki the other day. Today, he’s been curling up around my feet cus my blanket was too warm for him. I’m feeling much better today - the antibiotics have done their job, as have the heavy painkillers.

Thank you all for wishing me well. I hope you all have a fantastic and easy week ahead of you!

#chronicillnesswarrior #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #LiverDisease #Diabetes #Migraines #InterstitialCystitis #ic #bladderdisease #BladderPain #ChronicPain #Kidneyinfection

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A Question For Women that have Interstitial Cystitis, or Incontinence.

Hey, everyone. I hope you're all okay, or doing as well as can be.

Okay, ladies... I suffer with a bladder condition that has me in pain 24/7. Because my bladder randomly spasms, for no reason at all... It can make me have accidents. Sometimes big ones, but mostly a trickle or leakage.

So, up until last year I'd been single for five years. Over those five years, things have gotten worse. I now have to wear pad all the time. Anyway, my girlfriend says my health issues will never deter her or put her off... But I'm worrying about things getting heated between us... I'm terrified. What if there's the smell of pee? What if my vulva eczema flares up and I have to use my steroidal cream?

I know we could just plan ahead, but that ruins the spontaneity, and I'd be all nervous about getting closer to the time we set. Which would most certainly ruin the mood for me.

I don't know what to do... Do any of you have a tip about this, I would really SERIOUSLY appreciate it.

Thank you all in advance.

#interstitialcystits #bladder #bladderdisease #ChronicPain #Incontinence #chronicillnesswarrior #help