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Saying hello to my followers #Hello #bpd2 #Anxiety #ThisIsMe

Thought I would say hello to my followers by introducing myself, I'm Chloe or Chlo, I'm from England and live with BPD2 as we are all in lockdown this is the 3rd time in it and my god I am seriously struggling. I've posted the picture above to show behind my Instagram smile is a person's that is hurting and in pain with my thoughts and body, everything aches including my mind. Being stuck indoors is driving me insane I have no feeling of wanting to go out for a walk either the thought of it makes me feel sick. Has anyone else struggled or struggling with lockdown? #Lockdown #COVID19 #help


#Pissed off #bpd2 #Outlet #Therapy

Just threw a ball at a wall for an hour and a half.
Woke up at 7:00 with a lot of anxiety. Thus, I walked my dogs for thirty minutes. Went running around and cried in my car.
All to let the pent up emotions out.
All I wanted to do is become numb so I do not let it out on other people I will see today.
I was so pissed off all day yesterday I wanted to cry but was not able to.
When I am like this I want to cry, scream, and throw something. Often all at once.
So I throw something.
A tennis ball 🎾 at a wall. Could have done it all day but got dehydrated lol!
It does not hurt anyone but the wall lol!😂
What is your outlet?


#mood and mental chaos #bpd2

Forgot to take my meds twice yesterday and once the day before. Feeling the chaos in my mind. Don’t want to go to work and smile today. I don’t want to put on a mask today. Don’t want to talk to anyone. Just don’t want to feel this way.



i was googling #BipolarDisorder and the first thing that pops says that #bpd2 cannot be cured, made me laugh bc if there was a cure why would i still have it hahaha