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I Know What To Do! WHY Is It So Hard?

I went cold on a neighbor that moved away last October.. She was unbelievable and so toxic. Everyday she would show up at my house and I felt bad and let her in. Her children, grown, hate her and her husband had moved out of the bedroom almost a decade ago. She is a toxic lier! Telling her entire family she has MS and for 10 years she had everyone fooled she saw a doctor and was medicated. An emergency revealed she lied. The lies were enormous! So I felt bad for her because her husband filed for divorce, but he did catch her cheating when she got caught having sex with her married boss and they both got fired!
Here's my problem, number one, I'm a scapegoat, 2 I'm an empath and my heart is huge but I know I should not be talking with her at all and she just called after a year! She's almost homeless! And I know id never let her move in here but she needs my help. I did her divorce for her in 2022! And neglected myself!! I know I shouldn't answer the phone if she calls again!!! I know my new therapist would be very upset I decided to take 2 calls from her after a year! I'm mad at myself!! Do I answer again and explain again I need to take care of me, my husband and home or do I never answer again? I'm the daughter of a narcissistic mother and the scapegoat of the family. So you know where my heart is always at!! Thanks guys for your help!!! #Toxic #CPTSD #Anxiety #mood disorder #scapegoat #Childhood abuse #Bipolor #Daughter of a narcissistic mother

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#Depression #mood

hey everyone...i hardly ever post..but i really need to tell everyone about this new vitamin ive been taking thats amazing for stress, anxiety,sleep, memory,focus, sexual function AND weight can get it at Walmart too 😋 its called amazing ashwa by brand force factor...its for everything or you can just get "spring valley" brand: Ashwagandha!!! they both work for stress...ive been taking it for about a month now and have had less mood swings and irritation.. its also a great hormone balance for women..i actually ran out last night and started crying and just felt unbalanced..i got some more this morning..i feel great..if you can't see a doc due to financial issues then i really suggest this vitamin.. vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin C,and vitamin B6 are also great for balancing hormones...this is a great and cheap hack that i read about online and it really does work

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What to Write in a Chronic Illness Journal

Here are 4 elements to consider to write in your journal #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Pain #Food #mood

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I never know where to post what I want to share - too many groups and I'm unsure whether I'd be or not off topic.

#mood #Exercise #overthinking #Meditation #understand #Insight #help #learn #Fun #growth #Inspiration

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Weekly Emotional Rollercoaster

I'm wondering if it's just me and if I'm right it's probably not. So I've noticed that each day of the week carries with it certain pressures and feelings that come about for me. Friday, I am calm. I feel at ease that the week is over and I'm going into the weekend. Saturday, I sleep in and hide from the world but then somehow come alive and feel vibrant enough to do something. Sunday, I begin feeling angst and feeling guilty for what I haven't done and panicked about all that I have to do. It takes a toll on me sleep-wise and intensifies my negative self-talk. Monday, I am drained before I even get out of bed because my mind has exhausted and raked me over the coals all night. Tuesday, I am afraid that I won't make it through the rest of the week without being confused and unmotivated. Wednesday, I feel the desire to hang on just a little bit more because I'm halfway there and it's almost over. Thursday, anxiety kicks in because I haven't really accomplished anything worth discussing and the vicious cycle continues on and on, week after week. Have you experienced this? Do you have any advice that could help me? #Anxiety #stressful #Adulting #Bipolar #mood #MoodDisorder #Depression #Bipolar2 #SocialAnxiety #sundowns #wellness #stressfuldays #harddays #StrongerTogether

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World Mental Health Day

Happy World Mental Health Day Mighties! Remember no matter how bad things feel, you are never alone, and it is good to talk xxx

#WorldMentalHealthDay #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #mood #ADHD #Autism #BPD

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Struggles with caffeine/aspartame/sugar on your moods?

I have struggled for years with #diet cola sodas and chocolate. On again, off again. Also with compulsive eating since childhood. The overeating numbs but takes me to depression. The caffeine gives me a lot of pep and numbs anxiety initially, but then takes me to such high levels of anxiety that I feel barely able to stand it. Then I do it all over again day after day because I am addicted to it.

The sugar and caffeine affect my sleep. I know of many studies indicating that aspartame is very bad for our brains and bodies, as well as having a laxative effect, which also may mean that I'm not absorbing my psychiatric meds as much as I need to, as well as regular nutrition. I drink a lot of it, and I'm really afraid to 100% accept all of this within myself because I don't know how to let go.

The cravings and loneliness and mental health struggles started very young, and have gotten worse with age. There was a time for 2 years when I ate 3 meals a day, no chocolate, no sugar, did have diet soda but less than I do now. Rarely had depression then, but after two years of doing OK I started to go downhill over period of weeks and went into an outpatient program to get back on my feet.

I was also in very difficult perimenopause, and insomnia started then and has continued. It's been a mess, and holding down jobs have always been up and down with the depression and mood swings.

If you struggle with these, what helps you? How do you deal with intense cravings and loneliness and lack of sleep when even a CPAP machine and you don't work well together, and you've tried therapy and groups and classes etc to help with those aspects of mental health? I always take my meds as prescribed.

I would more than love to hear your shares. Thank you for listening and any experiences you can share.

#sugar #Caffeine #aspartame #diet soda #Depression #Anxiety #mood swings #Cravings #Sleep #compulsive eating #Outpatient #Perimenopause #Insomnia


× " Sigh I'm In A Sleepless Depressive Episode " × #help

× " I Have Been Like This For Almost A Month... My Sleep Issue's Are The Same... I Stay Wide Wake Until Dawn... I Get Into A Manic Episode Where I Don't Want To Speak To Anyone At All. Except On Here.. I Get These Intense Rage Issue's.. Some How I Just Begin To Poke At My Scar's And Wait For Them To Sting And Bleed.. And Then I Feel Better... I Know W.T.H !! But It's Like A Punishment For Me Messing Up At Work.. Or Not Getting Enough Sleep.. Skipping On Meal's.. Today Though I Had A Good Day. A Customer Just Randomly Tipped Me $5 To Clean Thier Messy Table. " × #mood ☆ S. K. ☆