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I’m so disgusted /vneg | TW mentions of r*pe (a), some all caps text, swearing | #venting

I stand with rape survivors (what heartless someone wouldn’t?!) and I have something to say.

If you seriously blame any, and I mean ANY, victim who has been raped for being raped, you are a horrible disgusting piece of shit and do not interact with me. This pisses me off so much and I cannot BELIEVE that this has to be addressed. This society fucking sucks, what is wrong with folks these days?!??

This seriously makes me want to throw my phone across the room 😡😡😡

/vneg /vsrs /vu

#stopblamingrapevictims #Pissed #anger #societysucks #mentalhealthmatters


Friday Fucks.

I have a lot of older people telling me what to do when it’s nothing to do with them. And I feel like people are letting me down without knowing it. This fucking bitch in Sober living is telling me to do my chore. Like that’s not your job, take it up with the manager.
Also my boss at work is telling me how to format MY personal work checklist and I’m annoyed that she is spying on my shit. Like is that why my computer froze?? Idk and she’s already a frustrating person as it is.
But I have to act nice so i can ask for a raise and get a good performance review next week. Which she put off for over two weeks. Like the worst bosses I’ve ever had, and I worked for my parents previously.
Jesus I’m just venting and trying to take the power out of it without annoying anyone else I know with my complaining.
I’m just feeling so resentful. I’m also on day 4 of not seeing or talking to my boyfriend because we are taking space.
And I was supposed to become house manager at my sober living and now the lady isn’t so sure. And I do not want to live at the house with the one cunt that keeps telling me what to do. Like die already.
Sorrry just venting. I will feel normal after and not wish those things but FUCK how annoying and concerned do you have to be with other peoples lives. Focus on your own.
Im such a hypocrite. Omg my character defects reallly showing right now. #Pissed lol I’m so immature shit.


#schizophrenicfather #narcisisticmother # bpdme#theyshouldvebeensterilyzed #Pissed

Not sure what's worse I think the narcissist mother is the one who f***** my head up the most she's 78 years old and she's doing it to this day I'm an emotional garbage can of abuse I'll never be normal and it's because of that b****

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#Pissed off #bpd2 #Outlet #Therapy

Just threw a ball at a wall for an hour and a half.
Woke up at 7:00 with a lot of anxiety. Thus, I walked my dogs for thirty minutes. Went running around and cried in my car.
All to let the pent up emotions out.
All I wanted to do is become numb so I do not let it out on other people I will see today.
I was so pissed off all day yesterday I wanted to cry but was not able to.
When I am like this I want to cry, scream, and throw something. Often all at once.
So I throw something.
A tennis ball 🎾 at a wall. Could have done it all day but got dehydrated lol!
It does not hurt anyone but the wall lol!😂
What is your outlet?



my visits are down to once a week and my mom said since weve gone down to visits being once a week my daughter has done so much better trying to play it as seeing me less is better for my child and it hurts that she doing this to me but I shouldve seen it coming she did the same thing for my sister and kept her kid for 5 yrs shes had mine a year now so here's praying we go to court soon


I’m ticked off

I’ve been having a sh*t day and it is most likely going to stay that way. I feel so angry and I want to scream and freaking punch something. There are no other words for what I feel like right now other than completely and utterly f*cking angry. #Pissed #angry


Feeling lost ##Pissed off #hurting #Used

Can’t even speak about it as I’m so angry, sad and hurt. It’s cyclic more and more I awaken to what went wrong and what I “should” have done “if only”. Time is running out and I will not have time to recover.



Pissed that I get stuck with chronic disabling disease and everyone else is living their life, bitching about the stupidest stuff


What do they want from me!?

I’ve been applying to many places for a new job and can’t seem to get one. The interviewers ask strange questions like why I want to work at that location. I need a job and am willing to work hard for almost nothing in pay what more do you want from me?
Should I lie and say I’ve always wanted to work for McDonald’s! I’ve got a passion for annoying needy customers and the smell of grease! Nothing in this world would make me happier than to work my ass off for $9.50 at this wonderful establishment they call McDonald’s!
#Anxiety #Neurotic #Pissed #Depression #losingmypatience #Ranting