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I’m new here….

…and a little bit nervous about reaching out after too many disbelievers. I am hoping to connect with others who are struggling just to exist, let alone lead a productive and happy life. #Fibromyalgia #BackPain #Migraine #bradycardia #heartfailure #PTSD

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Holistically treating my IST

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here and I’m really happy to find community that can relate to some of my health struggles.

I wanted to share a bit of my story with the hope that maybe it will help someone. A bit of a background on this, the first time I was told I had an #Arrhythmia was about 10 years ago and back then I actually had #bradycardia . It hadn’t bothered me much throughout the years until last August.

First, I started having very sharp chest pains accompanied by palpitations that would last around 15 minutes. The feeling spread to pain in my arm which really worried me at the time. It went from happening every few days to every single day.

I went to the doctors and they did an EKG that showed tachycardia. After lots of back and forth I was able to get a referral for a cardiologist who did another EKG that was borderline and Echo which came back normal. I’m waiting to receive a halter monitor. Overall though, this doc in particular is terribly rude doctor and tells me it’s just anxiety.

It’s very hard to get an appt with him and in between I ended up at urgent care 3x and taken by ambulance to the hospital 1x when my HR hit 180 BPM. I was at the point of debilitating IST that hit when I was sitting down working on my computer or laying down - multiple times a day. It felt like my heart was running a marathon over and over. Absolutely exhausting.

That brings me to this current moment. The ER doc gave me Propranolol which is the FIRST thing to stop an episode. He also gave me Xanax 3x/day but I haven’t touched it because I don’t believe this is anxiety related.

None of my docs are trying to find the root cause so I’ve done a lot of my own research and I’m trying to treat this issue holistically. The most fascinating discovery I’ve made so far is this:

Right before my arrhythmia got bad last year, I started carb cycling (I’m also vegan and have been for over a decade). I’ve done keto before and ended up in the hospital years ago for palpitations while on the diet - I didn’t make that correlation until recently.

I looked at my Kardia app and realize that all my 130+ BPM episodes tended to be on my low carb days. I’m trying to test out this theory so today when I started having an episode, HR 105 and climbing, I ate a few pieces of fruit, some crackers, and honey - literally anything I had in my fridge that was high carb.

Within 15 minutes my HR went down to 80 BPM. That’s the LOWEST it’s been in a very long time and the first time I have been able to self-regulate the tachycardia.

I’m also taking magnesium every day which has helped with the palpitations. I’m going to end my carb cycling and incorporate healthy carbs into each of my meals to see if it helps reduce the onset of IST.

Has anyone else had this experience?

My IST might be triggered by a low carb diet and wonder if others noticed this too.

#InappropriateSinusTachycardia #Tachycardia #SinusTachycardia


Spring Cleaning without over doing it.

Tips on tackling housework and spring cleaning while staying sane and upright?

Hubby's computer decided it would retire itself over the weekend, drats. Now Hubby has decided to, not exactly #mariekondo every room , he has dumped nearly everything from three rooms into our lounge room. So, from private, out of sight 👀 zones, we now have a mountain to be sorted where our lounge and reading chairs were/are. I'm not too sure if our seating is still there, haven't been able to see it! 😱
While I'm joyous at him being active in housekeeping and proactive in sorting through everything before we start looking at moving, I kinda wish he'd done it in the reverse so the public zones were still looking spacious, neat, clean, tidy. Especially as I started cleaning the walls and windows over the weekend.
I'm feeling pressure, fully self inflicted, to clear it all ASAP before our two housemates decide to whinge.
Currently I'm dealing with laryngitis which is making me tired more frequently than the arthritis or heart do, so at best, I'm having one nap a day. Over the last week I'm sleeping more than I'm awake. Which means my energy is precious and dealing with the added cleaning isn't my idea of energy efficient.

Any and all tips welcomed. Hubby will help after work and has already sternly told me off for doing what little I already have today. 🤔 Just not sure how to tackle this without feeling overwhelmed/guilty/upset. Gotta live living with chronic illnesses. 😕😉
#Arthritis #arthriticknees #bradycardia #bigeminy #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

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