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Candida fungal infections

Oook so now we have another issue showing its head. I have developed thrush. I thought it was because of my dentures. Of course they are well cleaned and I take care of my mouth. But still there it is. My whole tongue is patchy white spots. This will be the 2nd episode of thrush the past year. And its only January! So I did some research. And low and behold the article I read was linking hypothyroidism/hashimotos to canida aka fungal infection that can affect the whole body. I have an apt with my doctor next week and I am going to get tets ran and more info. Meanwhile I am drinking apple cyder vinegar and kombucha tea to eleviate the thrush. #autoimmune #CandidaOvergrowth


Has anyone had success with Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia symptoms? Any negative reactions to Gabapentin?

Hi all. I’ve just been recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia even though I’ve suspected it for the last 4 years. My Rheumatologist prescribed me Gabapentin but I’m deathly afraid because of the possible side effects. I’ve been on Lyrica about 3 years ago, which did nothing for my pain and made me a total zombie. I couldn’t focus, was extremely fatigued, and lost things (I lost my wedding ring, of all things!!) :’(

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