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It's all connected! #Anxiety #PituitaryTumors #GutIssues

My mind has been going a mile a minute since January of 2020.
I'm 31 years old. I've been experiencing gut-related issues since I was 25 and had visited multiple gastroenterologists who all suggested I go on PPIs long term and had been diagnosed with gastritis (wrong), GERD (partially correct), IBS (wrong) and the likes. After refusing to take the meds for many years and trying to holistically manage symptoms through eating clean, exercising, it was still unforgiving when I slipped up. Went to a new gastro and insisted he conducts an endoscopy. I needed to know what was going on inside. We found I have a hiatal hernia (part of the stomach protrudes through the diaphragm) so he suggested I go on PPIs for some reason. Decided to give it a go, but took the meds 3-4 times a week instead of 7 for a couple of months (I'm not comfortable with medicating long term for anything), still had the occasional attack so decided to take it as instructed for another two months coming to Jan 2020.
The most bizarre thing I've ever experienced happened one afternoon. I could not fathom it at the time but I was lactating. Now I'm not married and I don't have kids. Freaked the hell out but wanted to observe, after 2 weeks it only kept getting worse. So went to a clinic nearby, found the hormone prolactin was exceptionally high. Found the PPIs had something to do with it.
Also found a pituitary tumour in the process. Its super tiny at the moment.
While beginning to process this, covid happened so the doctor visits have been on pause ever since.
Now I read a lot about everything, hehe. I've had mild anxiety throughout my teens and after mid twenties it became severe anxiety. I always attributed my fits of rage and highly sensitive emotional states to anxiety.
But after reading extensively about pituitary tumours and their link to anxiety-related personality traits, and the link between gut issues and mental issues, and stumbling across BPD, I do strongly believe I may be borderline.... And I am truly mind blown at how everything is connected!


Does anyone else with #Fibromyalgia have periods of time in winter when you have major issues with body temp control and gut issues (eg, diarrhoea)?

I have come to notice that every winter, right around this time, I start having major problems with regulating body temperature. I’m cold, I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m sweating, I’m hot, I’m sweating, I have goosebumps. cannot find a comfortable or temperature or the appropriate article of clothing. Nothing I do seems to help.

At the same time, I have had diarrhoea for the past 3 weeks. I’m getting plenty of fluids, staying out of the cold, don’t have a fever, and am not “sick” other than these problems and headache. #TemperatureRegulation #GutIssues


Has anyone had success with Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia symptoms? Any negative reactions to Gabapentin?

Hi all. I’ve just been recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia even though I’ve suspected it for the last 4 years. My Rheumatologist prescribed me Gabapentin but I’m deathly afraid because of the possible side effects. I’ve been on Lyrica about 3 years ago, which did nothing for my pain and made me a total zombie. I couldn’t focus, was extremely fatigued, and lost things (I lost my wedding ring, of all things!!) :’(

#Fibromyalgia #Gabapentin #ChronicPain #ThisIsNoWayToLive #Depression #Anxiety #sleepproblems #HormonalImbalances #LeakyGut #CandidaOvergrowth #GutIssues #BrainFog #Headaches #Musclepain #MyofascialPainSyndrome #BoundUpFascia