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Anyone gone through gabapentin withdrawal after long term use? #Gabapentin #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #withdrawal #Depression

I only took gabapentin for 6-7 years, but I knew I did not want to depend on drugs for my whole life. I decided to get off it willingly and was not expecting the punishment. Certainly wear the blame there, definitely could done some research. Doctor could have said more than a few words as well but than again they are not pharmacists. I am been dealing with the crippling symptoms for almost 3 months now and they have only barely let off the gas. I can now move from one room to the next without needed to lay on the floor from straight up exhausted. My mind is a complete mess, sometimes zero emotion, others far to much. Insomnia and his buddy anxiety keep me company at night so that atleast helps get my social interaction for the day. I am not gunna keep listing all the symptoms nor am I gunna complain much longer. I was just curious if anyone eles on here has gone through this, maybe give me some advice based on their experience.

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Fastest way to regulate mania

Entering a manic episode from what I can tell. Heart racing, extreme energy, shallow breathing… doing #Acupuncture today and about to take #Gabapentin and #hydroxizine . I have a call into my psychiatrist and I have my appointment on Tuesday.

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Gabapentin for sleep and Restless Leg

I'm on gabapentin to help me sleep and treat my restless leg due to a side effect from another one of my meds.
It's treating my restless leg fully, it helped me fall asleep really well for about 2-3 weeks, but it did leave me very groggy in the mornings, almost drunk-like.
The problem is however that my body is already adjusting really quickly, I started on 100mg, I take 200mg now and I'm going up to 300 mg tomorrow as my doctor is allowing me to self-titrate up to 300mg. I could have gone up to 300mg a week ago but I didn't as the 200 was still working but isn't as well for sleep.
I was wondering if anyone else has noticed Gabapentin adjusts to their body really quickly. #Gabapentin #Sleep #


Gabapentin 2700mg is just NOT Enough #Gabapentin # #Nerve and joint pain #Medication

I can’t understand why my gabapentin just feels like nothing for my chronic pain and nerve damage.

I am suffering so immensely in my body and right now in this moment I just want to scream.


My Monday challenge and still grateful

I am really tired today because of the side effects/tiredness of taking Ropinirole for the treatment of my restless legs. I want my energy back so bad. I am happy for going on a walk in this nice weather and writing to the Mighty community. I have so much more to accomplish in this life. Please allow me to keep the fight and not quit. Thank you! #RestlessLegsSyndrome #CheckInWithMe #Gabapentin


Anyone on #Gabapentin for alcohol cravings?

I'm wondering others experiences taking Gabapentin ( for alcohol cravings or other things related to addiction).

I just started it, and I am finding it is helping. Makes me feel a bit out of it. But, I am not drinking now! So that is a huge plus.

Anyway -- I would love to know your thoughts!

#Addiction #Medication #Alcoholism


Fibro and muscle relaxers difficulty urinating

Does anyone go thru this?:
When I take muscle relaxers or gabapentin I have difficulty urinating. I end up doing all kinds of gyrations trying to get a stream started let alone keep it going. Then I end up with a UTI because I haven't been fully emptying. It's a if my urinary tract spasms like my intestines do in conjunction with my IBS and when I take the meds Im unable to relax the ureter so I can release. #Fibromyaliga #urinating difficulty#UTI #IBSD #Muscle relaxers #Gabapentin


Trying Gabapentin for the First Time #Gabapentin #Anxiety

I am trying gabapetin for the first time tomorrow. I'm hoping it will help my IC calm down a little bit. I am really nervous about taking it. I just seem to have this fear that I will drop dead or something.


Gabapentin for cptsd anxiety

My doctor wants me to try #Gabapentin for my cptsd and extreme anxiety. I have read a lot of scary things on the internet- can anyone who has tried gabapentin or is currently taking it for ptsd or anxiety let me know if it works? And what the side effects are? Does it make you high/energetic or Tired/zoned out?
Any answers are greatly appreciated

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Fellow fibro fighters: Gabapentin, how do you like it?

I got a new primary doctor today and she was awesome. Listened to every concern I had, didn't brush off anything I said, and wrote great referrals for everything she couldn't take care of. She wrote me a script for gabapentin too. I have only been on one other medication for fibromyalgia and I had nothing but terrible side effects and went off of it. That was a year ago and I havent been on anything else. I'm hesitant and slightly hopefully though. But those of you on it, do you like it? Do you have any side effects? Google can only say so much in my opinion. I prefer actual experiences from real people. Please share yours with me!!! #Fibromyalgia #Gabapentin #Experiences #Newmeds #hopeful