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Resources about Caregivers

Hi all. Are there any groups where I could talk to caregivers, or some resources about Caregiver Burnout? My partner of 30 years and I recently separated, and I'm trying to learn about what she is going through and how I can help.
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Caregiverburnout #Caregiving

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Caregiver Options #Caregiverburnout #Advice #resources

My dad makes too much money to qualify for at home care assistance for my mom, but not enough money to be able to afford to hire someone. With working 2 jobs and having to come home every break to help my mom , he experiences major caregiver burnout. Does anyone know of any resources I can look into to help him out?

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What brings you joy?

For me today it was the fact that my maintenance crew at work could help me unload my mini fridge and then I made myself coffee.

Don’t forget!! When caregiving it is extremely important to give yourself some time too! No matter how small. #Caregiving #Caregiverburnout

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I wrote a little something. For every Caregiver. For each of you♥️

A wild soul. A heart that pleads for rest.

Though, should it be in loves name

will complete each labyrinth and quest.

As it guides through the inferno

As it sees through the night

Gentle in nature

Nurtures one back to life

At the threshold

Between now and when you go

Hand over your doubts

There is so much that you know

Rise each day in faith

It's never very far

Never forget,

Love is all that you are.

#Caregiving #Caregivers #Caregiverburnout #Caregiversupport


#Caregiverburnout from the day I said I do

This is my first post in a site ever and feel as though I need to reach out. I never dreamed I would be a #Caregiver of my husband 6 weeks after we got married. My all American dream of having a house with a white picket fence, children and a happy family was thrown out the window. my husband was a cop and was in a terrible accident that left him in a wheelchair. my husband health improved and was able to walk again after several years and hope for a bright future came back. Fast forward 15 years We now have 4 beautiful children however he was in another accident 5 years ago and is now back in a wheelchair,#HeadInjury and #HemorrhagicStroke. I struggle everyday with #Caregiverburnout #Depression #Anxiety and . I am only 36 years old and feel as though I am trapped because I don't know who I am anymore besides a mom and a caregiver. I love my husband and children with all my heart and wouldnt go back in time and change anything but I feel as though I'm always and feel guilty.

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Overwhelmed Caregiver

Caring for my Mom who was recently diagnosed with a rapidly progressing autonomic disease, while working full time, Mom of 3 (12, 8, & 2) my 2 year old has a rare metabolic disorder that I have to consistently monitor, a husband is in there somewhere, but Mom and her dr appt’s are center stage right now. I‘m a VERY involved patient advocate for 2 Rare Disease organizations which gives me the right contacts for my Mom, but no meds, no cure, no relief exists. #frustrating #RareDisease #Advocacy #Caregiverburnout


Any caretakers of a parent out there? How do you handle your depression when a parent who is sick gets “cranky” and you feel guilty and resentful?

#Caregivers #Caregiverburnout #resentment #Depression