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    Today is TimeToTalk day. It is a mental health awareness day. With all of the police shootings lately, I’m grateful for the Alachua County coresponders. I have schizoaffective and PTSD. I have been in many police encounters, that could’ve turned badly. I was introduced to the Coresponder’s when I moved up here two years ago. The Coresponder’s are a police team of a police officer, and a social worker. They’re teamed up and drive together on high risk emergency calls of clients who have had frequent Baker Acts. This police team not only handles emergency calls, but also builds a rapport with the client in need to create a trust that enables safer and fewer future interactions. The co-responders also try to help the client get the services that they need. For example, my team of Co-Responders, Deputy Dan and Nicole, introduced me to the Gainesville Opportunity Center (GOC) where I have become an active member. The GOC is s mental health clubhouse where the members and staff work together to do the jobs necessary to run the clubhouse. I have found meaning and belonging as a clubhouse member, which has resulted in me not having returned to inpatient hospitalization since joining the GOC. New opportunities have been presenting themselves in my life since moving to Alachua county and being afforded services I didn’t have before, thanks to the advanced system this county has to help people. I am in the process of training a service dog as well. My life has improved tremendously and I am very grateful to live in this progressive county. #TimeToTalk #mentallyillandpolice #Safety #resources #gratituide

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    What podcasts :) do you like/ recommend ?

    I am currently reading a helpful Oprah podcast episode from Super Soul Sunday, it helps sometimes to put my life into perspective by hearing other people’s life stories and knowing that I’m resilient doing my best where I currently am at while working towards where I want to go.

    #Oprah #Podcasts #MentalHealth #Comment #suggestions #thanks #Christmas #selfhelp #audio #resources


    :) relaxing music

    In case it helps anyone!

    Tim Janis has great calming music 🎶 🙂💕😊❤️ #Music #relaxing #MentalHealth #Hugs #Support #coping #resources #Recovery

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    What he/she/they/you think of me is None of my business, and here is why:

    We all know the #struggle it is to #Love ourselves, to even find and hold onto #Selfworth is a great challenge fr most of us. In a civilization saturated by a culture corporate/business model norm that our worth, our #value is based on #Productivity and we come to define productive as getting dressed, brushing our teeth, COOKING, and the true miracle- going for a #Walk . The opinions of those who can not “walk a mile in our lives” COMPLETELY lack any value to us. Oh, you will encounter fakers who will mock our lives, as if they have given it thought. However, when you whisper to their bravado the reality their minds are too small to absorb it. A shout on f how dramatic you are!
    Again, the opinion of him/her/they or them is utterly meaningless. Only YOU know your truth, your effort given your #resources . Our remaining #resources whether it be #Fibromyalgia , #Asthma , #MajorDepression , #AnxietyAttack , #longcovid , #ChronicFatigue , or one f the many combinations of #AutoimmuneDisease with so much else, NO ONE knows how much is in our tank on any given day, r the #courage it takes to #rest !!!!

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    Mental Health Apps

    What mental health app help you? Why does it help? What do you like about it?

    I'm not in need of any more apps but I'm hoping someone else could benefit from the answers 🥰

    #MentalHealth #Selfcare #Selfesteem #resources #App #Depression #PTSD #BPD #Anxiety #EatingDisorders #BipolarDisorder #MoodDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealthResources #llness #mental

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    Eli Lilly Insulin Affordability Solutions

    Did you know there are resources available when it comes to accessing and affording medications, including insulin? Eli Lilly has a suite of insulin affordability solutions and resources to ensure people that use Lilly insulin can access it for $35 a month. Learn more about the options available - whether you have insurance or not.

    #Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #lada #mody #gestational #DiabetesInsipidus #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #JuvenileDiabetesType1 #insulin #Medicine #Support #MightyTogether #resources #Lifehacks

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    My blog, a new adventure.

    I started #Blogging . I have not done many so far. But, besides #sharingmyknowledge, it is a way to get paid for my #resources and work around my home life at home, or wherever I may be.
    Check it out....
    There's a area to rate it and provide feedback. I'm #LearningAsIGo .
    I am hoping it will be a success. I have a YouTube channel, but don't really like being on video.. or censored. I'm #notrestricted , but can #shareallIknow and #mylife , in one place.

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    Food and Nutrition Friday: Food Assistance Resources

    Last week, we discussed food desserts and food insecurity and how it’s affecting people with diabetes.

    I am sharing today some resources to help you access food when times are tough, and you may not qualify for government benefits.

    The following resources are based for the United States and Canada:

    🛒 Find

    The free, online database has helped almost four million people find free or reduced-cost food and other essential services in their area.

    🛒 Feeding America

    Through food pantries and meal programs across the country, Feeding America provides 4.3 billion meals each year.

    🛒 Food

    This independent resource helps you find food pantries, soup kitchens, food shelves, food banks, and other food assistance programs by state.

    🛒 Food Finder

    Food Finder connects people in need of emergency food with food providers. It is an online food pantry locator and 501(c)(3) nonprofit that shows you where you can obtain free food assistance in your area.

    🛒 Why Hunger

    People in need across the United States can contact this helpline to find food pantries, soup kitchens, summer meals programs, government nutrition programs, and grassroots organizations that provide nutritious food and nutritional support.

    🛒 Google

    There is now a Google website designed to find food pantries, kitchens, and lunch programs in every state, including a Google Maps locator with more than 90,000 locations offering free food assistance.

    🛒 Food Banks Canada

    Food Banks Canada is a national non-profit organization that assists Canadians experiencing food insecurity by providing information on local food banks.

    If you do not live in North America but would like access to food assistance information, please let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to include the information and share it with the community.

    #Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #prediabetes #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #Food #resources #financial #EatingHealthy #money #Caregiving