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Community Voices

Why do they make these so hard to open?

<p>Why do they make these so hard to open?</p>
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Okay, after repeated chat requests from complete strangers, and reports from other Mighties that the same thing is ALSO happening to them REPEATEDLY, I seem to have no alternative but just to block people who DM me before they've ever spoken to me any other way. #frustrating #safeplace ?

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As per my #Therapist request

I have an amazing therapist. Do i like what she has to say all of the time? Absolutely not. Thats only part of what makes her great because shes honestand understands me really well. Thats incredibly important when seeking a therapist. Thats also why, although i dont want to do this, I'm still honoring her request for me to #Justbe with my thoughts and feelings. So, without further adieu, here we go...


....anytime now....


All i can truly think about right now is how i have ao much to work on. I know that everything happens in due time. However, just like any other human, i too experience irrational impatience. Imagine for me if you will that you know how to cook. You have done it before and and know every step. You can even walk someone else through the process of the recepie, but when you step into the kitchen, the only ingredients you have for dinner are half a pound of corn starch, pepper, and a banana. ....the hell are you supposed to do with that?

Thats how i feel. #ifeel like i have the knowledge, but the lemons life gave me are really killing the #vibes that i know i should be able to roll with. I know thats a lot of #Pressure to put on yourself. #iknow . It still doesnt stop being #frustrating .

when you feel like youre stuck in a box with the best and worst versions of yourself and they are having their own personal fight club?

#Anxiety #Paranoia #PTSD #Epilepsy #iknowitgetsbetter #ithasto

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Community Voices

It all went down hill

Can't sleep because some stuff went down where I'm currently living. I was already on edge with certain things living here and I'm working on getting out but earlier today it got pretty explosive. I was being made fun of being called names. I was highly triggered and stressed. I had 3 guys coming at me and taking basically shots at me coming in different directions basically closing me in and I already don't like that trapped feeling. It was so traumatic and I was even being threatened. It's not so easy to move because I get SSI I only get so much and I often don't have enough for security etc. I can't sleep now. I needed to vent. #bull #frustrating

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Struggle train

<p>Struggle train</p>
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Overwhelmed Caregiver

Caring for my Mom who was recently diagnosed with a rapidly progressing autonomic disease, while working full time, Mom of 3 (12, 8, & 2) my 2 year old has a rare metabolic disorder that I have to consistently monitor, a husband is in there somewhere, but Mom and her dr appt’s are center stage right now. I‘m a VERY involved patient advocate for 2 Rare Disease organizations which gives me the right contacts for my Mom, but no meds, no cure, no relief exists. #frustrating #RareDisease #Advocacy #Caregiverburnout

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Mind triggers: I thought it was gone #Healing

Came across an old and familiar trigger today: unwanted texts. There was someone who was not nice to me and would taunt me via text message. I was the boss (not the big boss) and bosses have their employees’ numbers right? Agreed.
Whenever that person would send me a text my heart stopped beating and I couldn’t breathe. The anticipation of what was in the text was nothing short of angst and fear. Was that person texting to call out sick? Or was that person texting to torture me? I never knew. Why? That’s another story.
So at my new job, there was an employee who recently left and not on good terms. I got a text from the old employee about his paycheck (I am a bookkeeper). My mind was racing with what someone could possibly want (he already had his last check). I am not the boss in my current job. Now I have no reason to fear this employee but the sight of a text from someone that I did not want texting me just sent me downwards. Man, I didn’t realize how hard this story would be to write. Way quicker to talk. Anyway, I am jumpy and I cried a bit. I am embarrassed and I feel like a complete amateur. I thought I had moved past that moment in my life with that not nice person. But it all came back. I feel alone. I feel like a failure. Like I have failed at coping skills. #frustrating #Anxiety #deepbreaths

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The Three F's

#frustrate #frustrated #frustrating
I seldom walk anymore. Multiple Sclerosis has made my legs so incredibly heavy and spastic that even the thought, much less the actual act, of walking brings fatigue on in full force. However, feeling quite 'adventurous' - after a non-harmful fall no doubt - once I got myself together, I took about 2 1\2 - 3 steps to get back to my #lift chair. A #struggle it was indeed, but I was incredibly pleased with myself as I heavily plopped into my chair. The euphoric and prideful moment was short lived once my son pummeled me with his words down the tunnel of the three F's... He managed to #frustrate me by telling me that I should push myself to do it more often. I was so #frustrated because I fight everyday with this #chronic #degenerative #Disease to #endure pain and challenges in addition to completing the smallest of #tasks he doesn't even understand. How #frustrating it is to receive "encouragement" in the form of telling me, in the midst of one huge ball of #struggle to #push myself when that's all I do... #every single day! Btw, I'm still proud of my " #MS struggle steps"! ;-)

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